El Corte Ingles Discount for Tourists

El Corte Ingles Discount for Tourists

The other day when an Italian friend told me that El Corte Ingles was promoting a discount to foreigners I was quite curious,so yesterday I went to El Corte Ingles to investigate.I went right to the heart of the city centre,Sol,to inform myself.The promotion is held at the El Corte Ingles store whose first floor is a cosmetic and perfume section, not the store whose first floor is a CD and electronics store.The theme of the promotion is ¨Welcome Gift¨. A 10% Discount¨ and as the picture above indicates, it is meant for tourists.It works real simple:those interested need to go to the second floor´s Tourist´s Customer Office to collect the 10% vouchers.

In order to collect the vouchers a passport or a driver´s licence is obligatory.The vouchers are valid for only the date of issue,that is the same day you get them.Therefore,if not used,you will have to get a new one issued with the same procedure to enjoy the discount.This 10% discountcan be used at El Corte Ingles Department Stores and Tiendas El Corte Ingles in the following departments:

  • Fashion:Women, Men, Youth, Children and Babies.
  • Fashion Accessories:Fashion Jewellery,Hand Bags, Sunglasses, Small Leather Bags, Scarfs, Hats, Hand Fans, Watches and Coin Purses.
  • Sports, Perfume & Cosmetics, Home Textiles, Furs, Special Sizes, Shoes,Home and Gifts, Tourism and From Spain Departs (books and food excluded).

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