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3 Beers to taste at Källa Beer Factory (and learn brewing too)

Mahou. Estrella Garcia. Cruzcampo. Wash, rinse, & repeat.

Spain has a lot to offer, but when it comes to beer, it can be hard to find a wide selection. That’s one of the reasons I was so excited to get to check out Källa Beer Factory this past week. Craft brewing has become quite popular back home in the USA and in many places around the world and it seems to be arriving here in Spain.

According to the owner Alejandro Rodriguez, Källa Beer Factory is the second such beer factory in Madrid and hopes to continue the trend. “My goal is to have more beer factories like this one around the city,” he said.

Walking into Källa Beer Factory, you can immediately tell the atmosphere is different. 20170706_194152The low lighting, wooden tables, spotless bar, and high rise chairs give the place a laid-back, relaxed feel. This was Rodriguez’s idea. “I wanted to make a place that had a unique ambiance.” You will sit in the main room right next to the three large tanks where the beer is made, truly giving way to the “factory” name.

Källa Beer Factory has three beers on tap: Origen-IPA), Ritual-ale, and my personal and Rodriguez’s favorite, Esencia-a lager. The third beer rotates with the seasons, to give a new feel (look out for the stout coming this fall). Besides the beers, there is a revamped menu, “Spanish pub food“, with ham, a cheese plate, and a different selection of sandwiches. Rodriguez also mentioned they hope to be importing more beers from around the world to offer customers a wide range of tastes. I tried putting in a good word for my favorite beer, so fingers crossed for that one!

Not only is Källa Beer Factory a great place to stop in for a drink, but there are classes and coaching options available as well. While I was touring there was a small class going on, where possible future homebrewers were learning the basics of making their own beer. While these classes are still relatively new, this is something that Rodriguez wants to continue to development. After all, that’s how Rodriguez got his start.

Alejandro Rodriguez has been in Madrid for three years now and had his interest in craft Owner_Källa Beer Factory_CheapInMadridbrewing sparked by his uncle. He had a small home-brew kit and practiced with his uncle. He became hooked. After trying to start a beer factory in Sweden (the word källa is Swedish for origin), Rodriguez took his talents to Madrid and opened up shop in November. Since then, making beers has been his passion and something he continues to keep doing for a long time.

So next time you’re looking for a unique experience, excellent beer, or you just want to escape from the regulars, check out Källa Beer Factory. It’s located on Calle Barbieri 20, right next to the Chueca metro. With Line 5 being closed, you can easily get there by getting off at Gran Via and walking a few minutes.

Check out their website here or follow them on Facebook or Instragram (kallacerveceria).

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