Amazon delivers groceries in Madrid

Amazon delivers groceries in Madrid and the service is called Prime Now. The Amazon Prime Now service was  launched in July 2016.Yo can order groceries online and receive them at home through Amazon. This  grocery home delivery service is available for Amazon Premium clients. Additionally, the minimum order value for the delivery  service is 19 Euros. For a minimum of  19 Euros, you can receive an Amazon package with your groceries at home. The delivery is free and it takes 2 hours. However, if you prefer, for €5.90 you can get the groceries within an hour. Amazon Prime Now currently runs in Barcelona and Madrid. Madrid & Barcelona join other European cities like Paris, Milan and Berlin in this revolutionary  lifestyle change.

How does Amazon deliver groceries in Madrid?

The service is pretty simple!It is web-based and as I mentioned earlier it´s available for Premium members.You are 4 steps away from getting fresh groceries at home.Here is how we order groceries from home using Prime Now:


STEP 1: Download the app Prime Now on your iOS or Android device. Its FREE!

STEP 2: Choose between thousands of available products.

STEP 3: Choose the delivery time,between 2hrs or 1 hr. Assign your package for delivery same day or the next day.

STEP 4: Receive your fresh food items at home

Which areas have Amazon groceries delivery?

Amazon_Prime_CheapInMadrid_MapsPrime Now covers the areas Carabanchel, Vallecas,  Pozuelo, Alcobendas, Majadahonda, Las Rozas, Torrejón de Ardoz, Leganés and Coslada among others.Check if your area is served here.The fresh food products are sourced from local food markets like La Plaza (Día) and Mercado de la Paz, the wine store Lavinia and an Amazon fulfillment warehouse itself. I guess all these businesses have decided,¨If you cant beat the…¨.

For whom is this service?

I don´t know anyone who likes to go to the grocery store,so I could say everybody…However,for argument´s sake,lets Prime_Now_CheapInMadridsay it´s ideal for Amazon Premium members since they automatically qualify. By the way, to be a premium member, you have an annual fee of about €20.In generaI would say this service is for anyone who can afford to make a minimum purchase of €19 and have little time (to go to the supermarket,wait in queue etc etc).Amazon is a world´s leader in online commerce as a result Prime Now service is incredibly fast and reliable.For example,if you buy fresh products that need to be weighted,you will be charged for the quantity you request per Euro.However, in your actual delivery,if the quantity is less than what you ordered you will be reimbursed the difference. How amazing is that?!

Amazon uses minivans and electric bicycles for deliveries. Please let us know if you have seen any Prime Now packages around Madrid or if you have used the service at all!

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