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I am a South African living in Madrid since 2005. I love this city, its people, its streets and its buzz.. Therefore a few years ago, I created this blog to to inform friends and visitors of the city about what it has to offer. The result is Cheap In Madrid, a blog whose 95% content is for free events and activities from free music concerts, free art expositions, free workshops, free theater, free museum visits, places to learn Spanish or other languages free of charge, cheap places to enjoy tapas and other typical Spanish dishes.

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Madrid University Guide for First Time Browsers

Madrid University Guide for Beginners So you are thinking of studying in Spain?!If you are considering getting a degree in Madrid then this is a good first checklist! Madrid is not only a famous travel destination for world renowned restaurants, … Continue reading “Madrid University Guide for First Time Browsers”


You cannot afford to miss these 5 foodie events (in cool venues too!)

If you are a food lover and happen to be or live in Madrid, then the following food and drink events in October & November are for you! So why would you be interested? Because  of 3 good reasons: These foodie … Continue reading “You cannot afford to miss these 5 foodie events (in cool venues too!)”

Must Visit Museums with Free Entrance

The following museums have free entrance on the indicated days: Museo del Prado:        Museo del Prado is definitely a must visit museum because it is one of the top 11 museums in the world. It features the most significant collection … Continue reading “Must Visit Museums with Free Entrance”


Discount Perks for under 30s in Madrid

Are you under 30 years of age and live in Madrid? Then it can be cheaper for you live in Madrid. There are great perks for young adults under 30 in Madrid. These include incentives to do business, discount cards and … Continue reading “Discount Perks for under 30s in Madrid”