Awesome Father´s Day Gifts from Under 20 Euros at El Corte Ingles

Awesome Father´s Day Gifts from Under 20 Euros at El Corte Ingles

We celebrate Father´s Day this year with gifts from under 20 Euros at El Corte Inglés. Father´s Day in Spain is celebrated on the 19th of March. Many countries in the world  celebrate Father’s Day  on different dates. In Spain the chosen day is March 19, in honor of San Jose. The origin and history of this celebration are full of curiosities.For example Portugal, Italy, Honduras, Equatorial Guinea, Liechtenstein, Macao, Andorra and Bolivia also celebrate San Jose´s day on the 19th of March while most countries in the world celebrate this festivity on the third Sunday in June.

Origin of Father´s Day Celebration

Father´s Day is credited to an American lady called Sonora Smart Dodd.She thought about a day to celebrate fathers as recognition for her father. Her mum died during childbirth to one of her siblings when she was 16 and her father, a Civil War veteran, took an active part in her siblings upbringing.The first official father´s day was celebrated on June 19th 1910. Now, fast forward to the present, Father´s Day is a day to celebrate grandfathers,godfathers,auncles and of course fathers.The challenge with father´s day is usually coming up with thoughtful and unique gifts.

Father´s Day Gifts from El Corte Inglés

Here at CheapInMadrid, we took it upon ourselves,to find awesome Father´s Day gifts that were also cheap!Our result is a list of gifts that can be bought online AND delivered in 48 hours.Our first gift on the list is inspired by the expression, A way to a man´s heart

  • Brooklyn Brewshop´s Everyday  Beermaking Mix:

The kit includes barley, malt, yeast and hops. It includes all the necessary ingredients for that special dad to create 3.8 liters of his own homemade beer. In fact once he has made beer for the first time with the kit, he’ll want to repeat it because it´s really fun! Cost = €19

  •  Brooklyn Brewshop´s Wheat Beer Kit:

This type of beer is good for light beer drinkers because of it´s light body from ingredients. It is full of refreshing hops of floral aromas, which makes it an easy  beer to drink. Wheat beer is awesome to share with friends at any time of the day. Alcohol content is 5% and the ingredients are a mixture of barley and malted wheat, hops and yeast.  Cost = €19

  •  Brooklyn Brewshop´s Warrior Double IPA Mix:

This kit offers the perfect pint for hop lovers. Warrior Double Ipa is full of hops grown in the state of Washington and gives a touch of bitterness. Go for this kit if he prefers super hoppy, earthy and bitter types of beers. Its alcohol content is 7% and the list of ingredients are a mixture of barley and malted wheat, hops and yeast . Cost = €19

  • See Em Mini LED Spoke Lights:

This gift is ideal for cyclists. It´s a pack of 2 LED lights for bicycle wheels.Fits any size of diameter. No installation is needed, simply place with SeeEmSpikeLightsa simple click. See Em lights creates an optical circle effect for the rider while he rides. This device can be activated PencilSharpenerand deactivated by applying light pressure. It is water resistant and works with a 927 3V battery which is included. Cost = €8.95

  • E8 Stationery holder:

Surprise and add a unique item of stationery to his desk!This pencil-shaped stationery holder is made of wood. It will definitely be a talking point at the office or a cute detail at home.It’s going to look very nice and original! Cost = €19.95

  • Desktop Tennis:

Who can resist a game of Ping Pong? This game set includes two mini paddles, a net with suction cups and a ball. He is definitely going to lovePingDayMugDay the versatility and ease with which the game can be set up. What´s left is to choose the place and the moment: an afternoon with friends at home, a break in the office …Just look for a table, place the net and enjoy! Cost = €7.95

  • Invotis  Chalkboard Mug & Chalk:

Let´s be honest.Mugs are as typical and unexciting as far as Father´s Day gifts go:Mugs with cute baby pics,mugs with sweet messages…the list is endless.However,this mug WILL get a smile out of him guaranteed!It can become a daily way to express and communication all the affection and appreciation we hold for our special dad!It is certainly simple but beautiful, original and thoughtful.Cost = €6.90

NOTE: The above-listed items can be bought online with the following delivery options:

  1. Home delivery 48 hours after purchase.
  2. Click & Collect, where you can collect the items at El Corte Inglés or Supercor shops.

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