Bar Buzz: Cuevas de Sesamo

Walking along Calle Principe you might not notice the unassuming entrance into Cuevas de Sesamo, but as you descend the stairs into the cavernous space, you realize you have stumbled upon something special. When the doors opened in 1950 it was only a café and has since evolved into an artistic hideaway where Ernest Hemmingway himself visited. Quotes cover the walls, contemporary artwork hangs, and the lights are kept dim, creating a romantic and cozy atmosphere for a night out.
The bar is fully stocked with reasonably priced drinks but you will find most sharing pitchers of their notorious sangria. For 14 Euros you can get a large pitcher big enough to split between four. After that, your next one is discounted for 11 Euros (the same price as a small one). If you want something to snack on while you sip, they offer plates of jamón, cheese, chorizo, chips, and olives, all ranging between 7-10 Euros. If you come at prime time, you can be sure there will be live piano music playing and you might run into a heavy crowd; however, this unique boho spot is a welcoming break away from other bustling bars found around the center and well worth the wait.

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