Best Madrid Foodie Events in May

Best Madrid Foodie Guide (Plus Coeliac News)

Discover the best foodie events in Madrid to cater to every palate. Madrid has grown in the latter years as a culinary destination. Moreover, the city offers many choices from formal and traditional restaurants, efficient food delivery services and modern or hip food markets and food truck events. If you are still not satisfied, or want a special and private tour, then opt for some of the TripAdvisor rated food tours. We recommend the Spanish Tapas Private tours for their authentic feel and local guides. Here follows our ultimate gastronomy activities for the month of May in Madrid.

 El Tenedor Promos for Madrid Foodies:

El Tenedor (The Fork) Restaurant Week has been running since April. This restaurant promotional event present great restaurant offers for a limited time only, in the main cities of Spain like Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga and Valencia. All the participating restaurants offer exclusive menus at a fixed, reduced price. Moreover 1 euro will be donated to the NGO, Ayuda en Acción. You can be sure to snap up deals from traditional, modern, fusion and even Michellin star restaurants at amazing deals. Here is our best value restaurant list with the cheapest menu offer at €25.This promo ends this Sunday, May 6th  and can be an awesome idea for a Mother´s Day gift!


Sagar: Sagar means ocean in Indian. This Indian restaurant in Madrid transports us to India through its traditional recipes and exquisite culinary details. Do try its samoosas, curries, tandooris, fish and rice dishes. In addition to its 9.1 rating in El Tenedor,it has a rating of 4.5/5 from more than 500 reviews.Reserve Sagar´s El Tenedor Restaurant Week offer here.


Huarike Paradero Gourmet: This Peruvian restaurant highlights the best of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine. Their dishes are creative and rich with some spectacular examples like the tequeños stuffed with oxtail with huancaína cream, wild corvina ceviche, duck croquettes with Idiazábal cheese, chifero tacos and many others. Reserve Huarike Paradero Gourmet ´s El Tenedor Restaurant Week offer here


Rugantino Casa Tua: Serving delicious Italian cuisine since 1973, Rugantino Casa Tua is  one of the oldest Italian restaurants in Madrid. Apart from its fine dishes it welcomes patrons into a tastefully decorated restaurant which was designed by the renowned Swiss architect Noldi Sherck. Reserve Rugantino Casa Tua ´s El Tenedor Restaurant Week offer here.

Discover more El Tenedor Restaurant Week promos for May here.

Mercado de Diseño´s Food Truck Event:

Food Truck_Madrid_Foodies_2018

May´s edition of this popular designer´s event will bring food trucks and a wide gastronomical choice for revelers. About 15 food trucks will participate to tantalize the palates of everyone with local and international tastes. Attendees will be able to eat from a choice of Italian and Mexican cuisine, rice, dishes for vegans, vegetarians and even options for celiac while not forgetting pastry for those with a sweet tooth. Learn more about this  May´s edition of Mercado de Diseño or follow it in social media using the hashtag: #PlasticFever

Pulpo Passion Festival indulges Madrid Foodies


Pulpo Pasión is an initiative to promote Galician cuisine with focus on the ¨pulpo¨or octopus in Spanish. In particular,the star octopus,comes from Ourense which is believed to be the cradle of a premium octopus. About 67 restaurants are participating in this year´s event and the third edition. Apart from traditional restaurants and typical ¨pulperias¨, institutions and companies will be participating and collaborating to boost the awareness and consumption of this Northern delicacy.You can enjoy especially prepared octopus dishes in these restaurants all across the province of  Madrid till May 13th.The octopus during Pasión Pulpo with be served in a tapa or full dish format accompanied by the white wine Albariño “Pulpo” from Bodegas Pagos del Rey, sponsor of the event.Other sponsors of the event include Pulpo Albariño DO Rías Baixas, Bodega Pagos del Rey, and has the collaboration of the Association of Wholesale Business Owners of Pescado de Madrid (AEMPM), RenfeFacyre, Diputación de Orense, Ayuntamiento de Carballiño and In addition, Renfe Viajes, will offer up to 50% discounts on tickets for long-distance trains between Madrid and Ourense.You can follow the event online using the hashtag #PulpoPasión in social media networks.For more information regarding #PulpoPasión 2018,click here.

Mes de Rabo de Toro Foodie Event:


The oxtail is a typical dish of Spanish cuisine usually prepared as a stew of oxtail or cow. During the San Isidro Festival, which celebrates Madrid´s patron saint, the oxtail stew is served in most traditional restaurants. This is partly because, after the bullfights in Plaza de las Ventas, the sacrificed bulls become part of the menu of the sorrounding as well as many restaurants in the centre of Madrid.  In this edition, various restaurants will offer the oxtail menu at a fixed price of  € 30.00 (VAT included).In this menu, you will eat a first course typical of each restaurant, followed by a main course that consists of the oxtail stew concluded by dessert or coffee. This rabo del toro menu also includes a drink with each menu. Find all the restaurants participating in el mes del rabo de toro here.

First Gluten-Free Foodie Fair in Mercado Pacifico.


May is a special month for those with gluten intolerance. In Madrid,the celiac day is celebrated on the 27th of May while this day is celebrated on the 16th internationally. The Pacifico Market in Madrid has organized a thoughtful initiative with lots of creative and educational activities around gluten-free products and food. There will be free tastings, special discounts and activities. This event is happening on two days, on Saturdays, May 5th and 26th from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Other activities aimed at adults and children, include cooking workshops, gymkhanas, music and gifts for those attending the fair.The following shops will offer free tastings on the indicated day:

ESPUMA. C/ Juan de Urbieta, 13 – Artesanal Beer Shop
BARANDALES. C/ Menorca, 31 – Cuisine of  León and Zamora
CROQUETA Y PRESUMIDA. C/ Sánchez Barcaiztegui, 43 – Croquettes
CELIKATESSEN. C/ Valderribas, 30. Mercado de Pacífico – Bakery
SERRÍN. C/ Valderribas, 30. Mercado de Pacífico – Gatronomy  & Products of  Galicia
Address: Mercado de Pacífico. C/ Valderribas, 30. Metro: Pacífico, Conde de Casal o Menéndez Pelayo

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