Blogs We Read

Blogs We Read

On Cheap & Free Things in Madrid

Madrid Pa´ Tiesos: As the name implies, this blog is for people who are broke. Find lots of updated info here regarding free and discounted entertainment and cultural events.

MadridFree: A  Spanish portal of immense information of free things to do in Madrid covering most categories from health to entertainment.

Ahorradorras: A Spanish portal with lots of tips on how to save, where to get coupons, recipes and some DIY tips for everyday life.

Sin Dinero: A useful portal with detailed and specific info regarding free resources online, where to watch free cinema in Madrid and DIY tips.

By Former & Current English Teachers & Language Assistants

Oh No She Madridnt: Written by Rebe, a former student and English Language Assistant in Madrid. Her passions are travelling and continuous learning as can be evidenced from her initiatives to learn languages on her own, programming as well as maintaining a reading challenge.

Naked Madrid: Created by Daphne Binioris, though written by a team of fellow expats on everything Madrid-related, from its neighborhoods, markets, restaurants, bars, and upcoming events.

The One with Wanderlust: Written by Erica, a current language assistant in Madrid on her local favorites and traveling adventures.

Passport Packed: Written by Elizabeth, she shares travel advise and her life lessons while working and living in Spain.

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