Boletus App in Madrid

Boletus App in Madrid

What is Boletus  App

Have you ever travelled to a new city or been in a part of your city that you don’t know very well and thought, “I wonder what cool places there are around?”  Well look no further because a cool new mobile phone application has come to Madrid, it’s name, Boletus.

For those of you who like veggies and more specifically yummy mushrooms, you know that Boletus mushrooms are some of the best around.  Like its name, this application intends to offer it’s clients the best deals, offers and promote the great places in the city and around Spain.  The company started in the Basque country and has moved to our fine city recently.  It is up and running and their staff are working hard to add more locations and services everyday and in each of the eclectic neighborhoods of Madrid.

How does it work?

I’m sure you are wondering how this new app works, right?  Well it is very simple, you go to whatever application provider you have like for example Google Play and download it to your mobile phone.  You answer a few short questions, set up your profile, set your preferences if you want to and then you can see what interesting offers there are in your area.  One of the best things about the application is that it operates on a GPS system and will tell you what is offered around you based on your proximity to the location. The offers are normally posted on a daily basis and do have a time limit, some offered for the day or a number of hours, but don’t worry, they are reposted and more offers are added each day!

So now that you are all set up and ready to roll you can start visiting different places of interest and earning credit towards your purchases.  When you go to a place, based on the offer, there is a special price set on each item, experience, product or service.  You go and show the offer to the people of the establishment and they give you the validation code.  Then you can evaluate the experience, share it on Facebook and earn credit for your review.  To pay for whatever you have purchased you have two options, you can either “pagar en metalico,” meaning pay cash, or pay with your boletus credit if you have enough!

Boletus for consumers and businesses

This application works as a sort of customer incentive program that brings people to businesses and gives them a little cash for sharing their experience and promoting the app.  It is a win-win for all, a win for the businesses as it serves a tool for marketing and a win for the consumer because it helps to them to know what awesome offers and places are around them and pays them to do it!  It is definitely worth checking out and trying!

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