Boletus Funday for Bloggers

Boletus Funday for Bloggers

I had the pleasure of attending one of Boletus’s hosted events to demonstrate what they have to offer and to show what it would be like to have a Boletus experience.  The event was called #BoletusFunDay and they invited some of the big-name blogs in Madrid in hopes of reaching their audiences and showing off their services.

To start off the event we were greeted in the entrance of Golf Canal an outdoor shooting range and golf course that offers private instructors for those of you who are just starting out, a shooting range and a full, beautifully manicured golf course for the experienced players. This fantastic sports center is only a short walk from metros Canal, Rios Rosas and Las Filipinas on Avenida de Filipina.

We received a private lesson from our charming, Argentine golf Pro, Nacho, and for only 9 euros, got an hour lesson.  Golf Canal is a beautiful location and would please any golf lover.  It is a great place to spend an afternoon, enjoying a game of golf and then relaxing and cooling off in their full bar complete with refreshing, water misters.  They also have a golf shop where you can fulfill any golf-purchasing needs.

 Boletus Experience

For all those who participated in the #BoletusFunDay event, 36 euros of Boletus credit was given so that we could get the full experience of purchasing, validating and reviewing the experience as invited guests.  Once we were given a tutorial on how to use the app by our hosts and the Boletus representative, Ainara, we were whisked away for a little snack at a new place that offers a unique eating experience, El Colmado de Chema.

El Colmado de Chema experience

Colmado is a term that refers to the experience itself; you go to a market, select from what they have in stock and eat it there.  This is exactly what El Colmado de Chema located on C/ Albuquerque, 3 offers. It is a beautiful market, full of delicacies for you to choose from and then their master chef prepares your selections for you.  They offer everything from fine wines and beers, to exotic cheeses, fresh fruits and vegetables, pate and even dessert!  We were given the royal treatment by the owner, Chema, and were told the history of the colmados, given a full tour and treated to some truly exquisite food.  I would absolutely recommend trying this one of a kind experience.  It would be a perfect way to spend a lovely afternoon with friends, eating and drinking, selecting and trying new items and having them prepared and brought to your table.  They also have a space for private parties, meetings and events.  It is a quality experience, but a bit pricey, so keep that in mind when you go!

Although I am not a techie person normally, this app is user friendly and fun!  It is a fun way to shop, try new things, get out and get to know the city and earn a little money while you do it!

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