Free Entrance to the Royal Palace

National Heritage has decided that the Royal Palace of Madrid will offer free visits to citizens of the European Union and Latin America, with proof of nationality, residence or work permit. Visiting hours are Monday-Thursday from 3pm to 6pm (October to March) and … Continue reading “Free Entrance to the Royal Palace”

Platform Zero: Chamberi Metro Station

As you ride on Metro Line 1, you may be catch a glimpse of an eerie abandoned station between the Iglesia and Bilbao metro stops. That was once the Chamberí Metro Station. Inaugurated on October 17, 1919,  it was one of the … Continue reading “Platform Zero: Chamberi Metro Station”

The Best Nativity Scenes this Christmas in Madrid

Living, at different scales, classical or modern, the cribs are one of the greatest traditions that are part of Christmas in the world and Madrid houses some impressive performances. Thus, we can find in places as diverse as palaces, monasteries, cultural … Continue reading “The Best Nativity Scenes this Christmas in Madrid”


Exposición “Cementerios”

Foto: Fernando Barragán Cada vez más Madrid adopta la fiesta de Halloween, así que para seguir con las recomendaciones de Silvia, les comento de la Exposición “Cementerios” que se inaugura este 31 de octubre. Esta muestra fotográfica del artista Fernando … Continue reading “Exposición “Cementerios””