Discounted French,Italian & English Classes

Discounted French,Italian & English Classes

We love discounts and are thrilled to bring you discounted French,Italian and English classes in Madrid. In celebration of automn, this month we are offering discounted language classes. We are collaborating with a Spanish start-up company yet again to bring you conversation classes with a difference! Our language classes are not in the typical scenarios of academy classrooms.Thats because we host them in really trendy places all over Madrid. The question is: Are you a language lover and do you enjoy being social?

What you get with the discounted classes

If thats you, then we have classes of 1 hour duration with French, Italian and English teacher for 5Euros a class. In the class you will get a free drink. Our students have repeated their conversational learning experience because the concept is flexible and fun. Additionally, we organise really interesting events like showcooking or dance classes for our most loyal students to mingle with teachers and ambassadors!

Some of our venues for these language classes include Starbucks coffeeshop, travel service clubs, restaurants as well as collaborations with other language schools and cultural centres. In fact, this last summer ,we hosted events around the themes of outdoors cinema spaces and they were a lot of success in the Centro Cultural Conde Duque.

How to get your discounted French,Italian & English classes:

We have very limited places, so if you would really like to progress and are serious about getting fluent, do send me an email to Why do these conversation classes? Because you are a language lover and are social!

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