Eat for Cheap at Madrid’s Best Restaurants

Eat for Cheap at Madrid’s Best Restaurants

Madrid is home to some of the best culinary delights in the world, from Tapas to Paella, Spain’s capital city is the center of authenticand delicious traditional Spanish cuisine. There are also lots of new, hip, restaurants that reinvent traditional recipessuch as La Casa Tomada that puts a spin on traditional American-style sandwiches, as well as other tasty dishes from all over the world. Madrid is a top destination for food lovers, butthe city’s prices are perhaps a bit off putting for foodies travelling on a budget. Even if you have be careful with your money, there are still many of ways of enjoying Madrid’s best restaurants without spending a fortune.

Free Tapas

The concept of free food may seem like a fantasy too good to be true, but you’d be surprised by how many bars in Madrid offer free tapas with drinks. In fact,eating out in Madrid doesn’t necessarily mean spending a fortune, you just have to know where to go. One of our favorites is El Tigre, where you can order a beer and enjoy the complimentary patatas bravas, jamón serrano, and Spanish omelette that comes with it. With each round comes a new dish, so you’ll be able to feast on all the classic tapas dishes while staying within budget.

El Tigre is not the only bar that offers delicious alternatives to the traditional bar snack, at La Pequeña Graná you will find much more than olives and crisps to enjoy with your drink. From goats cheese to wraps with spicy meat, the tapas at this bar is more like a meal than a snack and will satisfy any traveler who wants to save cash.

Review Restaurants

Another way of saving money when eating out is writing reviews of restaurants. If you love eating out and have good writing skills with a keen eye for detail, then you could start reviewing restaurants and begin a career as a food critic. What better way to justify your love of food and eating out, than making it your profession? Success won’t come immediately, but once you’ve earned yourself a good reputation, restaurants will be offering you free meals in no time. Local magazines and newspapers usually have a culinary section which you can add to, as restaurants and cafes are usually fine with offering a free meal for a bit of exposure.

You could even get a head start on the competition by uploading reviews on your own blog before you start contacting magazines; that way you can show you have experience. A web hosting company like 1&1, for example, will have everything you need to get started. If you’re good at writing and know the difference between rare and medium rare, then being a restaurant reviewer might be for you.

Set Lunches

Lunch is one of the most important and tastiest meals in Madrid. Many locals enjoy a long lunch on the weekends, with several different courses and dishes to try. If you feel like treating yourself to lunch in a fancy restaurant, but don’t want to blow all your savings on one meal, then look for restaurants that offer set lunches. Numerous restaurants in Madrid offer a special lunchtime menu that comes with a choice of two or three options for a three-course meal, which will be cheaper than the regular menu. So you will be able to dine in style and still have money left over for your next treat.

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