Enjoy Madrid Tourcards at your Own Pace

Have you ever been in the following situation? A friend or family member is coming to visit Madrid and they want you to “show them around the city.” So you think of the typical spots to go, the sites to see, how to get there, etc. But what about those hidden or lesser known spots? Maybe you want to get a different view of the great city? The Madrid Tourcard is a perfect solution for these issues, stating that “it’ll let you discover all those hidden places the guides wouldn’t show you.” The Madrid Tourcard is a unique experience that gives you a map of Madrid, the app for your phone, and headphones for two people. It’s incredibly easy to use as well. You simply pick up the box at Tienda de Arte Toledano at Paseo del Prado, 10 (close to the Atocha station) anytime between 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Monday to Saturday. From there you can either use the audio guide with the online option, simply inputting the QR code or downloading it through the app if you want to use the offline mode. From there, you choose three possible routes: Ruta Latina, a trip through the eclectic La Latina area, Ruta Huertas, a trip through Spanish literature, or the Ruta Gran Via de Ava Gardner, a walk down Gran Via through the eyes of Ava Gardner. The tours last about 90 minutes a piece and you can go whenever you want. There are no reservations, calling ahead, or specific schedules. This is a tour at your time and at your own pace. If you want to stop at a cool bar you saw, go for it! Want to hang around and take pictures? The Madrid Tourcard will wait for you. The Madrid Tourcard gives you the ability to discover Madrid in a way you didn’t know before. The tour is just 8.50€ and is available in both English and Spanish. Check it out soon!

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