Festival of La Paloma 2015

The last (and biggest) of the 3 traditional Madrid Summer festivals (Virgen de La Paloma) is happening now from the 13th until the 16th of August with many outdoor activities in the Plaza de la Cebada, Carros y la Paja (the popular squares in the La Latina neighborhood), calle Humilladero, calle Calatrava, calle de la Paloma and in Las Vistillas! The image of the Virgin of La Paloma was placed by Isabel Inkwell in 1790 in the doorway of her house winning the hearts of the neighbors who came to her for cures, to instruct children and ask for protection for women who awaited the arrival of a new child. “La Paloma – said Francisco Azorin – is not a patron of Madrid, but a queen that rein the humble hearts living in the village.”

A full list of the festival’s events and activities can be viewed here.


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