Festival of San Cayetano 2013

The first Summer festivity in Madrid is San Cayetano, a three day fiesta where the streets and squares of Lavapiés, Rastro and La Latina neighbourhoods are dolled up with flowers and locals don their castizo gear for some serious street partying.  It is customary at this event that at the end of the procession (on the 7th @ 8pm), the faithful take a float flower as there is the belief that those who pray to the saint and grab a flower, have bread and work all year. This belief is so widespread that many people, fear of not arriving on time, throw themselves on the passing float, resulting in a human avalanche almost impossible to contain. Check out the program and join in on the festivities!

Tuesday August 6
19:00 Madrid and pasodobles Chotis
21:00 Opening speech – Cascorro Square.
21:00 Mobile Disco – Calle Abades
21:00 Lemonade with music – Calle del Oso
22:00  Orchestra – Calle Abades
22:30 Deskarte concert (rock) – Cascorro Square
23.30. Disco – Cascorro Square

Wednesday August 7
13:00 Cocktails – Cascorro Square
19:00 Mass and procession of San Cayetano
21:00 Lemonade with music – Calle del Oso
21:30 Mobile Disco – Calle Abades
22:30 Pau (rumba fusion) – Cascorro Square
22:30 Emy and Company – Calle del Oso

Thursday August 8
19:00 Children’s Music Workshop – Cascorro Square
21:00 Concert Scarr (heavy rock) – Cascorro Square
21:00 Castizo film series in the square of Lavapies
22:00 Dance with orchestra New Era – Cascorro Square

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