First visit to Five Guys Restaurant (and why the fuss!)

FiveGuys_owners_CheapInMadridThis weekend we went to explore Five Guys Restaurant in Madrid. We wanted to discover for ourselves how the restaurant was and why it´s all the rave! Five Guys Restaurant began in Arlington, Virginia In 1986. This now famous chain was a result of an ultimatum. The parents of the owners urged their children to choose between university studies or their own business. They chose the business and the rest is history. So what´s with the name?It turns out they are five brothers and hence the name.  When we arrived there was a queue and our anticipation grew. Fortunately, we only had to wait a few minutes (it was really hot on the sidewalk!!!).Decoration inside is very American, with red and white signature colours and lots of press quotes singing the praises of this restaurant. You will also be curious to see stacks of bags of nuts.

So we asked the waiter who explained to us that this has become the ¨tradition¨ or typical appetiser because the while the diners waited they usually ate nuts…In fact, as you make the queue you can scoop some nuts.the restaurant patrons were a nice mix of Madrileños and foreigners…mostly Americans (We suppose they come searching for a familiar taste in the heart of Madrid).  Now,down to the food:What´s the secret of so many rave reviews prodly dispalyed on the walls form welll known press houses or foodie personalties?The formula is suprisingly simple: burgers and fries, cooked to perfection, and that’s it. And what formula of success has turned out to be!

Ingredients and preparation of Five Guys burgers

The philosophy of the owners has been and continues to be “Cook to perfection and serve¨.  That principle is what

Image:Tyler Mallory

has taken them so far across theAtlantic. It’s a promise they make every day to customers, who count on them to continue serving the most delicious food and offering them the experience they love.  Another quality of the burgers is as a result of their policy to not freeze ingredients. For them, “fresh” and “delicious” are concepts that go hand in hand. The potatoes are cut by hand every day and their origin is indicated on the informational poster of the restaurant. Additionally, they distinguish themselves from other ¨burger fast food joints¨ by avoiding automatic timers. So how do the cooks know when the food is ready? – based on the sight, its aroma and texture.


Image: Tyler Mallory

At Five Guys, there over 250,000 different combinations to choose from (not to mention the 1,000 combinations of smoothies. Did you know that if you eat at Five Guys once a day, would it take you 684 years to try all their different combinations of hamburgers? Vegetarians are also catered for with meatless burgers and other combinations they choose. CheapInMadrid blog readers will be happy to learn that they can customize their burgers, hotdogs or sandwiches with up to 15 fresh toppings for free. For the occasion we chose 2 bacon burgers: One with mayo, lettuce, tomato slices, onion and the other with onion, jalapeños and hot sauce! The burgers were delicious and filling. Did I mention the chips?They are abundant,,and don’t let the fact that they come of of brown paper bags turn you off…Finally,the drinks (soft drinks) are refillable,so either way you will leave Five Guys burgers restaurant happy and full!

Information of Interest:

Address: Gran Vía, 44, 28013 Madrid


Telephone915 22 35 14


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