10 Apps and Websites to Share a Flat in Madrid

10 Apps and Websites to Share a Flat in Madrid

Anyone who, at some point in their life, has had to engage in the difficult task of finding a roof to live under but it is something that involves dedication and time. In this article, we have mentioned 10 Flat Sharing Apps for Everyone Who Looks for A Shared House.

Acquiring or renting a home is not a decision that is taken lightly. It is a purchase of high involvement in which all the pieces must fit: the area, the price, the characteristics of the house and, of course, the conditions in which it is available.

For more than a decade, online real estate portals have greatly facilitated the search process, allowing filtering homes for all these criteria and putting in contact, telematics, the landlord or seller with the future tenant or owner. Mobile applications, however, have gone a step further.

The apps of the main real estate portals (and also those that are already native in mobile), have not only facilitated the search, but have linked it to the opportunity, to the immediacy. Ubiquitous access, geolocated searches and push alerts allow users to be informed, instantly, of any new offer or any change in price or contract conditions.



Badi is a startup based in Barcelona that aims to improve the way people find shared flats. Badi starts from the premise that, in a shared apartment, much more is shared than the kitchen or the living room. It is a space of coexistence in which the affinity between partners is crucial. For this reason, Badi has turned the search of rooms into shared flats almost into an app of matching users or future flatmates.

With the Badi app you can search for apartments near your location or in a specific location. Thanks to a careful design to detail, Badi allows you to easily navigate between the floors with available rooms, see detailed information on the characteristics of the property and the services they offer and, of course, take a look at the profiles of people who already live there to know their tastes and interests.

When you find a flat and some colleagues that interest you, send the application and, if they accept it, Badi will contact you through a private chat.


Idealista _cheapinmadrid_apps_for_Flats

The idealista, another flat sharing app that is quite similar to the badi.com in terms of functionality: you can filter searches according to several criteria, create alerts, search the map, view detailed information on each property and contact the seller. However, idealista adds some functions that are worth mentioning.

For example, idealist classifies real estate offers in three categories: buy, rent and share. So, if you are looking for a flat or a room to share, idealista can help you find it. You can also upload your own ads in just a few minutes.

Do not miss the extra features of the app: a real estate news feed and a mortgage counseling service.



Roomlala, on the other hand, is a more conventional web portal of rentals where you will find shared apartments and rooms as well as complete houses. In fact, it is possible to rent for days, and it is focused for individuals. Simply enter the location, dates, capacity and price range in which you are willing to move by month, night, and the week.

You can also specify the services you want, and include a map so you can get an idea of ​​where the property is located in case you do not know the area, something quite likely if you are a new student in the city or you are looking for a flat temporary way to do tourism.

Like the one that precedes you on this list, it is free and has its own blog, and so on. It includes testimonies and accommodations around the world, and even a section of most popular countries and a trust center to promote it among its users through various practices such as assessments, identity control, proof of address and more.



EasyPiso as mentioned in its description, has published almost five million shared flats since 2004. One of the pioneers in this area and that has a simple and agile interface. The first thing that you will have to do will be to determine your area and your requirements, that is, if you are looking for a room or flat or you offer it.

Then you will have to become a member, filling in parameters that include the price, date, name, if you are an individual or group, sex, age, occupation and email. In fact, until you do and accept their conditions of use will not let you in, something that prevents in a way the entry of those who just want to browse quickly.

EasyPiso is available in Spanish , German, French, English, Portuguese, and Italian.

It is also free and has very positive ratings from its users. Easy to use, it has an intuitive interface, advanced search parameters, maps, and so on. 



Weroom is another specialized portal for sharing a flat that has real estate throughout the international arena. In fact, already on your home page, you can find a section called “best cities to share a flat“, where you can find information about it.

In the lower part you can change the language and currency in which you want the price to appear. It also comes with search suggestions, maps, filters by dates, price range, number of rooms on the floor, if the advertisement was created by an agency or an individual.



Although it is a much smaller platform than the ones we have included in this selection, it is essential to mention AreaEstudiantis is specialized in this type: university students. Something more concrete that will delight those who are looking for this kind of experience.

In addition and outside the accommodation, you can find job offers, second-hand material such as reference books, calculators, guides and others. It also includes offers in residences and colleges. The approach, in any case, is clear. Interesting and highly recommended.



Yaencontre is another of the great web portals of classified properties. Its official app combines ease of use and very specific filters that will surely be useful to find your ideal flat.

With yaencontre you can launch a search indicating three criteria: type of property, location (you can choose properties near where you are now or enter a specific location that, unlike other apps, also includes neighborhood search) and, finally, type of contract (purchase or rental).

The app will show you results that you can sort (by price, price / m2, surface or age), filter according to basic criteria (type of dwelling, surface, rooms, bathrooms …) or apply extra filters (furnished, elevator, heating, swimming pool, terrace…).

If among the results you find an apartment that interests you, you can enter its file to see detailed information such as the description of the seller, the characteristics of the house or its location on the map. From there you can contact the bidder via phone or e-mail and subscribe to alerts of similar offers.



If with the previous applications you get lost among so many filters and functionalities, the official app of the real estate portal Habitaclia makes it easier for you. It comes with all the basic options. Many will find in its simplicity, its greatest advantage.

With Habitaclia you can search properties by type of operation, by type of property and by population (supports geolocated search and navigation on the map). You can filter the results by price, area, number of rooms and date of publication. Unlike other apps, Habitaclia allows filtering by neighborhoods.

In Habitaclia you can also create alerts about searches and publish your own ads from the app.



Fotocasa is a real estate portal and app that stands out for its design and usability.

The Fotocasa app includes almost everything you could expect from a mobile real estate portal. You can search for homes for sale, for rent, for rent with option to purchase, vacation rental and apartments to share. In addition, you can apply infinite filters: location, price, surface, rooms, features … Save your searches and mark as favorites the offers that interest you most. Contact the seller if you have any questions.

Fotocasa also allows you to perform geolocalized searches: the map shows the available homes, their price and the services that can be found around them (transport, schools, etc.). If you want to publish your own ad, you can do it easily from the app.

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