Free eBooks from Madrid Libraries

Free eBooks from Madrid Libraries

Have an eBook and need to download new reading material for your daily metro commute or next holiday? Get Free eBooks from Madrid Libraries! Here we show you the steps on how to do so…


  • eBiblio Madrid is a loan service of electronic books via the Internet, libraries and public reading services located in the Community of Madrid put at your disposal.
  • eBiblio Madrid is promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport in collaboration with the Community of Madrid.
  • eBiblio Madrid provides a technology platform that provides access to catalog and make the loan of works in digital format to read on different devices: tablets, smart phones, personal computers or e-book readers (e-readers) compatible with DRM (Digital Rights Management ) Adobe Digital Editions.


  • EBiblio Madrid will benefit users of libraries and public reading services located in the Community of Madrid.
  • If you do not have the library card, you can apply for the card through the reader portal or go to the nearest library of the Community of Madrid.
  • In addition, you need an email address and password that you get through your own library.


  • Go to the webpage and log on with your login and password of up to 8 characters.
  • Access to the catalog of electronic books and search the title that interests you.
  • Once located the book, see its tab to view information about the work and its availability: Lend: Immediately available for loan. Book: To reserve a borrowed book. When a book has been returned, you will receive an email informing you that is available. Preview: Displays the 10% of the book without using the loan.
  • You can download a maximum of three titles and the loan period is 21 days. Books can also be returned early.


  • In streaming, allowing visualizaión a file in real time without having to download, through any browser connected to the Internet (computer, tablet, smartphone …).
  • Through reading application eBiblio for tablets and smartphones available for IOS and Android.
  • Once synchronized with your library, you will be able to read without internet connection.
  • By downloading to personal computers and e-readers compatible with DRM (Digital Rights Management) Adobe Digital Editions.

Access eBiblio Madrid

For more information on access and operation of the eBiblio Madrid loan, click here.


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