Free Entrance to the Royal Palace

National Heritage has decided that the Royal Palace of Madrid will offer free visits to citizens of the European Union and Latin America, with proof of nationality, residence or work permit. Visiting hours are Monday-Thursday from 3pm to 6pm (October to March) and 6pm to 8pm (April to September).

The Royal Palace of Madrid is one of the largest and most important palaces in Europe with over 3,00 rooms which includes a Royal Library, Royal Pharmacy, Royal Armoury and a Painting Gallery. Its exterior surroundings are a beautiful site to visit as well such as the Sabatini & Campo del Moro Gardens and the Plaza del Oriente next to the Royal Theatre.

Although the Royal Palace is no longer used as the official residence to the Royal Family, it is now used today not only as a museum for the public but for state ceremonies and important events such as Spanish National Day (12 October), when the royal family greet important figures from Spain’s cultural, artistic and social circles, Army Day (6 January), when a reception for high-ranking military officers and members of the government is held in the Throne Room, and the presentation of credentials by new foreign ambassadors arriving to take up their positions in Spain. Other special events include the Changing of the Guard, held every Wednesday at 11am in Puerta del Príncipe (entry on Calle Bailén) except in July, August and September.


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