Girls´ Night Out In Random Restaurante and Club

Girls´ Night Out In Random Restaurante and Club

Last week,I went out with some friends on a girls´night out in one of the most fashionable restaurant of late.Its name is Random and its located in the Chamberi neighbourhood of Madrid. Random is the third of the busines venture by Owner, Esteban Arnaiz, and the result is spectacular.The restaurant is huge and offers various spaces and ambiences.Juan Luis Medina of the Interior Design studio Madrid in Love is responsible for the decoration.The patrons have a choice of terrace,lounge,private salon as well as an exclusively maintained club or bar which can be accessed with a  password.The barman who served us our cocktails revealed to us that he has hosted birthday parties and even bachelorette parties there!I will explain this later…

Dinner in Random Restaurante and Club

We arrived with a lot of expectation and as three girls from 2 continents and 3 countries we also had our palate indulgances and absolute no-nos. The waiter who served us, Giorgio, was very professional and well-versed. We actually went with his recommendations of the Automn dishes and we weren´t dissapointed.Our dishes were shared between three and that was also a great move as we could try and compare the same food.

Our appetizers were suckling pig´s ear accompanied by grilled octopus and kimchi. We loved the fact that the garnish was so elegant you couldnt tell it was pig´s ear.The taste was even better and the combinations of earth and sea flavours was delectable.I think at that moment we kind of understood Random´s fame and reputation.Then we also tried Amberjack tartar with Oriental Bloody Mary dressing and coca with the Piperade sauce.In was my first time trying the amberjack and coca and I loved the experience.The flavour is tasteful and yet not imposing…one might be curious about the marriage of so many flavours and cultural influences,but I tell you the chefs at Random are Alchemists. Check out the pictures below.

Random Restaurante

We were getting full at this stage because the rations were quite generous. However, we shared 2 more dishes: One of fish and the other Iberian

beef cheeks with yam cream. They were all divine, and we chuckled after we what we thought was carrot or pumpkin was actually yam cream! All three of us agreed that we would definitely come back either together or with our partners or other friends. Dont get us wrong, Random is not exaclty cheap. However, with all the tips and advise about saving money in this blog,we can all afford to spoil ourselves.

In conclusion, we had sumptious dessert. Paula,my friend and contributer in this blog revealed to us that it was the best Cheese cake she had eaten in years. I especially liked the Baba Napolitano in a Mascarpone sauce. As per custom,for many who dine at Random, we went to Club Anonimo (password access and all) we were treated to exotic cocktails. The barman, Ramon, was very helpful and advised our selection.Seeing is believing, so check out the snapshots.

Our visit to Random,got us wondering and planning to visit the other restaurants of the group:Le Cocó o El Columpio. All in all from the entrance to the bathroom,the decoration itself is worth the visit but the food makes the whole experience special and exquisite!

Useful Info for Random Restaurante & Club


Address: Calle de Caracas, 21, 28010 Madrid, España

Telephone: 34914109250

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