Goiko Grill launches the summer sensation Threeler

Goiko Grill has launched a new burger sensation called the Threeler. Over the last few years Goiko has and continues to make a name for itself in Madrid as well as other cities around Spain. They demonstrate that you can never go wrong with a good burgerOver the past few years, the burger trend has taken off in Madrid and we’ve seen hamburgesería after hamburgesería pop up all around the centre.

But the burger joint on everybody’s lips at the moment in Madrid is without a doubt Goiko Grill. The Spanish-Venezuelan burger chain has taken the capital by storm, thanks to its delectable burgers, generous portions and chic locations.

The menu offers everything you could possibly want from a burger joint, from tasty starters, to 12 different burgers, each one with their own distinctive taste and toppings, to drinks and desserts to die for.

To start off your feast, Goiko offers a range of tantalising starters, such as their famous nachos, which are loaded with chilli con carne, guacamole, sour cream, jalapeños, melted cheese and diced tomato. A must try.

To quench your thirst, Goiko offers an assortment of craft beers, both ales and lagers, from Spanish brands, such as La Virgen, a local Madrid brewery, as well as a breweries from across the pond, such as Flying Dog. If you’re not in the mood for an ice cold brewski, fear not. Goiko also makes their own milkshakes and refreshing cocktails. The Mojito moruno is perfect for washing down a burger on a hot summer’s day.

We got stuck right into the burgers, sampling the Puchi, the  newly inagurated Threeler and, of Goiko_Threeler_CheapInMadridcourse, the Kevin Bacon, the chain’s most famous dish and a twist on the traditional hamburger. Instead of cooking the patty whole, they fry the minced burger meat on the grill, along with bacon bits, crispy onions and cheddar cheese. The result? A mouthwatering burger unlike any other. The Threeler, the newest addition to the menu, is a stack of three burger patties, each one topped with cheddar cheese, pickles, onion and bacon, all in between one Goiko’s famous artisan burger buns. The Puchi, which comes with grilled mushrooms, bacon, onion and cheddar cheese, is perhaps the simplest burger on the menu, but arguably the tastiest.

All of Goiko’s delicious burgers come with a side of their famously good potato wedges and one of their homemade sauces. Extra toppings from peanut butter to truffle oil are available for a small fee, so don’t be afraid to spice up your burger!

Image: GoikoGrill.com

Dessert was almost incomprehensible after we finished our mammoth burgers, fries, shakes and cocktails, but alas, the show had to go on. We opted for the latest summery addition to the menu, the Baticrumble, a fresh take on apple crumble and vanilla ice cream served in a jar, which even came with its own instructions on how to eat it (a lot of shaking). The first mouthful left us wanting more. The creamy vanilla ice cream, apple compote and moist sponge cake, all topped with crunchy cinnamon biscuits, was the perfect dessert to finish our more than satisfying meal.

It must be noted that as well as the delicious food, the Goiko staff provide diners with 5 star service and never hesitate to share their recommendations.

All in all, a 10/10.

Where?  Goiko has 13 restaurants alone in Madrid. Find your closest one here: https://www.goikogrill.com/nuestros-restaurantes/

When? Check out the opening hours for each restaurant before booking.

Should I make a reservation? Yes. Without a reservation, it’s next to impossible. Make a reservation using the following link.

Price? Weekdays: menú del día for 11,50€. Weekends: 15€-25€ per person (depends on how hungry you are!)

Images: GoikoGrill.com

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