How to explore Madrid and Toledo on your own with a GPS app

Exploring Madrid and Toledo on your own is easier than you think! Imagine locating a cozy coffeeshop with WIFI in Madrid or finding a traditional restaurant for lunch in Toledo on your own! All this and more is possible through a GPS-enabled app called GPSMyCity. You now have the possibility of exploring cities and towns Madrid and Toledo with precision. Thanks to our collaboration with GPSMyCity, we now bring you our most popular articles, together with vivid pictures and localized on a map through GPS. So what advantages does the GPSMyCity app give you? The ability to easily locate the monuments, restaurants, museums described in CheapInMadrid blog  through GPS from the comfort of your smartphone. This means you won´t have to check the address through another Google nor Yelp search. For vacationers and seasoned wanderlusters, this App gives you the power to discover and explore cities at your own pace. (The App also has other cities around the world with similar features and monument descriptions)


Our list of articles which you can find on GPSMyCity include:

Cool Friendly Coffeeshops (With Free Wifi) in Madrid

6 Divine Restaurants in Madrid for € 35 (or Less)

The 5 Best Nightclubs in Madrid for 2019

The Best Tourist Attractions of Toledo (Day Visit)

At CheapInMadrid, we are so excited about this collaboration that we are offering a FREE UPGRADE for early birds for a limited time only. The giveaway is  the article: 6 Divine Restaurants in Madrid for € 35 (or Less) IF you download it during this first week of the launch.This offer begins today, July 29th 2109 and ends on August 4th 2019

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