Low Cost Gyms in Madrid

Do you want to join the gym but you are afraid to pay and not go? We have the solution! You can sign up for one of these magnificent low-cost gyms that are the cheapest in Madrid. This way, if you decide not to go, you will lose the minimum possible money. And who knows … maybe you end up getting hooked!

Low-cost gyms in Madrid: Best prices


The gyms with the cheapest prices in Madrid


AnyTime Fitness is one of the world’s most successful gym chains with more than 3,000 open centers and an enviable brand image. It has excellent facilities to turn the sport practice into a privilege.

They have at least one day of trial and up to a week without having to look at the prices, 100% free.

It is also open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and it is noted that this measure they have adopted is one of the points that consolidate them as a leader in the sector.

A more than recommended option!

Price: Check here the gym that interests you.


  • Endurance zone with dumbbell circuit, free weight and guided weight, Olympic bars, circuit of machines, hammer strength and multifunction rack.
  • Functional area with elastic bands, rubber bands, medicine balls, bosu, kettlebells, energy bag, synrgy, fitball and TRX.
  • Cardio area with exercise bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, paddles, stairs, flexstrider life fitness, etc.

Locations: Various Locations

Hours: ALWAYS Open

More information: Anytime Fitness


Fitness 360º Life offers an innovative service, encompassing physical training with health and well-being. It also has a wide schedule from 5:00 to 0:00 hours every day of the week during the 365 days of the year. They commit to improve your lifestyle!

The 360º concept awaits you: Health services, avant-garde and specialized personnel.

Price: € 24.90


Cardiovascular area with machines: elliptical, ribbons, steps, oars, bicycles…

Force zone with pulley equipment, disk loads, isotonic machines…

Functional zone with trx tapes, balance boards, kettlebells, bosu, medical balls…


Pilates, HIT, zumba, cycle, bodypump, bodybalance, zumba, abd, body combat…

Locations: Calle de Modesto Lafuente, 49

Hours: Open 24/7

More InformationFITNESS 360º LIFE


This fitness chain has nothing more and nothing less than 23 gyms scattered throughout Madrid. It will be difficult to miss any of them. Moreover,if you become a member, you can access any of its 400 gyms throughout Europe.

They have virtual classes every hour, group classes with instructors and free training plans in their app. In addition, you can share your subscription with your family and friends.

Price: 20-26 € (they have three different modalities, with and without permanence)

Facilities: they have the most modern sports machinery of Matrix Fitness.

  • Endurance zone
  • Cardio zone
  • Functional zone
  • Stretching area
  • Areas of: Physiotherapy, group classes, social


Virtual (from conditioning training and wrestling sports to strength training and body & mind classes)

Groups (in many gyms they offer group classes that you can add to your subscription for € 5.99 per month)

More information: BASIC-FIT


This chain has 18 gyms in Madrid distributed in different areas of the capital. The fee includes access to the fitness room and all classes. You can also hire a personal training service.

Price: € 24.08 / month


  • Cardio zone
  • Free weight zone
  • Cross training area
  • Cycle room
  • Directed activity rooms
  • Rest (to relax, chat, wait …)


Cardiovascular, zumba, runner club, altahit, tbc, and functional, cross, stretching and, four own programs:  GBody, GBox, GBike and GEnergy!


  • From Monday to Friday → 07: 30h to 22: 30h
  • Saturdays → 09: 00h to 20:00 h; Sundays and holidays → 09:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

More information:


You can enjoy 5 gyms of this chain in Madrid. They have state-of-the-art equipment and their contracts, they do not have permanence!

Price: € 29.90 / month (+ registration fee of € 19)


  • Cardiovascular area with 70 machines: ellipticals, treadmills, steps, oars, bicycles…
  • Endurance zone with pulley equipment, disk loads, isotonic machines…
  • Functional zone with trx ropes, balance boards, kettlebells, bosu, medical balls…


Cycling, abdominal, body pump, body combat, GAP, zumba…


From Monday to Friday → 06: 00h to 00: 00h

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays → 08: 00h to 21: 00h

More information:


It has three gyms that have incredible facilities. They are up to date and have an app to help you in your workouts. In addition, they have their own list of songs on Spotify!

Price: € 26.62 / month (+ € 35 tuition). They have discounts for quarterly or annual subscription.


Light effort area: room for fitness

Dynamic express circuit: every day a different circuit of easy handling and integral toning (sessions of 15 minutes)

Fully intergrated area: integral room for a total physical preparation

High endurance area: dedicated to free weight, functional training, test preparation…

Cross circuit: demanding work circuits


Step, indoor cycle, body condition, body fit, aerobox, pilates, fitup, fit balance, aerodance, indoorwalking, abd, GAP, cross circuit, boxing …

From Monday to Friday → 07: 00h to 23: 00h

Saturdays → 09: 00h to 20: 00h; Sundays → 09:00 h to 15:00 h

More information:

  • FITNESS 19

This chain has 3 gyms in Madrid. They have competitive prices and many collective classes to choose from.

Price: € 26 (monthly fee); € 56 (quarterly fee)

Facilities: consult (depends on the gym)


GAP, zumba, HIT, yoga, pilates, cardio box, flying, cross19, bosu, core 15 ‘…


From Monday to Friday → 07: 00h to 23: 00h

Saturdays and Sundays → 10: 00h to 15: 00h

More information:

We hope that you have enjoyed these lowcost gyms in Madrid and you are ready to try some of them!

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