Majorca: More than just a seaside destination


Majorca: More than just a seaside destination

Spain has many beautiful islands for tourists to visit and probably the most famous of these is Majorca – and why wouldn’t it be? Lying as it does off the south east coast of Spain; it gets more than its fair share of the beautiful Spanish weather which is an obvious attraction for holidaymakers. The climate is temperate enough for visitors to enjoy the many attractions the island has to offer too, and this means the heat is never unbearable.

Majorca, or Mallorca as it is often spelled, isn’t just a place for the sun worshippers though; there are many other interesting things for the intrepid traveller to do.

Here are a few of the different things that you could do to while away those glorious Spanish days in Majorca.


Palma Cathedral

All visitors to Majorca should take the opportunity to visit Palma cathedral as it is quite simply breathtaking. Also known as “Le Seu” and more properly “The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma”, the original build of the cathedral started in 1221, though it was not finished until 1601.

Perhaps the length of time taken is the reason the cathedral looks so beautiful today and it is definitely something you should make time to visit.

The Fiesta of Rei en Jaume

If you are planning on visiting Majorca in the month of September, make sure that you take the time to visit Santa Ponsa during the festival. The festival commemorates the landing of King Jaime I in 1229, which freed the island of its Moore domination.

You will enjoy everything from traditional folk dancing to nights of fireworks displays. The festival lasts for two weeks, though most of the fun takes place at the start (01-08 September)

El Laberinto Maze Fun Park

If you are travelling to Majorca with a young family, you should try to visit El Laberinto Maze Fun Park with them. This wooden maze is a maze with a difference, and all of your family will enjoy it.

Though you can use it as a traditional maze, you can also turn it into the scene of an adventure, with magical characters helping you play out games in its confines.

Jungle Park-Santa Ponsa

For those who like adventure, there is a selection of parks on Majorca but Jungle Park-Santa Ponsa, with its combination of zip wires, rope bridges and vines, has to be one of the best. You can even take your family as there is a selection of courses to choose from.

Majorca really is a diverse place to visit, and whether on a weekend excursion from Madrid or on a summer holiday booked through a specialist found at sites such as can be sure that you will take some great memories home with you after your visit.


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