Mexican Restaurant Week with 15 Euro Menus

Hello Spicy food lovers!Atrapalo has launched Mexican Restaurant Week in Madrid and Barcelona. About 45 participating restaurants will offer the most authentic dishes at prices between 15 and 45 Euros. At CheapInMadrid, we bring you our choice of 5 restaurants with menus for 15 Euros. Our choices go beyond the typical tex mex to bring you genuine Mexican dishes outside of the country of Frida Kahlo. If you are a fan of  salsa with chilies and the handmade tortilla chips then you are in for a treat.You can reserve until the 12th of November and enjoy your reservation till the 19th of November 2017!Moreover,if you reserve you can participate in a contest for a for two to Los Cabos.There is an 5 euros of additional discount when paying with Visa Checkout online.

Restaurante Doña Adelita – Marqués de Cubas

The restaurant Doña Adelita de Marqués de Cubas is a distinguished restaurants which has found a delicate balance between innovation and tradition in Mexican gastronomy. It is a popular reference for soups, especially now the the weather is getting chilly. We recommend the tacos, the toluqueño and their nachos with guacamole.

The 15 Euro Menu has the following dishes:

Starters (To choose)

– 2 Tacos

– 2 Soupes (fried corn tortilla with meat, cheese, vegetables and hot sauce)

– 2 Quesadillas

Main course (To choose)

– Veal wire (veal chopped with pepper, onion, cheese, etc.)

– Chicken strips

– Nopales


No drink included

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Restaurante Sol Azteca

SolAzteca_MexicanRestaurantWeekThe Sol Azteca restaurant is small and intimate. That is what probably makes it more welcoming and the owner looks after the patrons personally. We recommend for you to go hungry because the portions are generous. In fact ,Sol Azteca is so renowned for its authentic Mexican flavours and in-house food preparation that it’s a popular reference among Mexicans in Madrid.  Their 15 Euro menu offers:


  • A Welcome shot

Starters (To choose)

– Aztec soup

( Chicken broth with tomato, onion corn, cream Chihuahua melted cheese and avocado.)

– Nachos with cheese

(Totopos, with cheese, and jalapeño peppers)

– Veracruz salad

(Variety of lettuce from three seasons, accompanied with tomato, avocado onion, oranges and the particular touch of our Mexican chef)

Main course (To choose)

– Tacos al pastor

(Pork meat marinated with Mexican spices in corn tortilla accompanied by onion, cilantro and pineapple.)

– Mini soupes (3 pieces)

(Corn tortitas made by hand, with beans, chicken, lettuce, fresh cheese, cream and red or green sauce and radishes.)

Cochinita Pibil tacos, with a mild spicy touch

(Juicy beef marinated pork, Yucatecan pre-Hispanic recipe, accompanied by three corn tortillas with purple onions.)

Dessert  (To choose)

– Sweet potato

– Mango Sorbet

No drink included

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Restaurante El Chaparrito – Ventura de la Vega

Restaurante El Chaparrito - Ventura de la Vega_MexicanRestaurantWeekFor lovers of Mexican culture, food, music, drinks and original decoration of Mexico. El Chaparrito de Ventura de la Vega is the place to be. It offers dishes as authentic as the Cochinita pibil in a space full of color. Forget the tex-mex and eat in the neighborhood of Las Letras! In the restaurant El Chaparrito de Ventura de la Vega in Madrid you can enjoy enchiladas verde, tacos pastor and Nachos. With uninterrupted cooking service every day, it is ideal for meals any time. The 15 Euro menu consists of:

Starters (To choose)

– Nachos guacamole

– Flute

(Main Course) Tacos degustation

– Chipotle chicken

– Pumpkin flower chicken

– Beef tinga

– Cochinita pibil

– Rancher strips

Drinks (To choose)

– Cane drink

– Flavored water

– Refreshment

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Restaurante La Mordida de Fuentes

Mordidas_Madrid_Mexican_Restaurant_WeekRestaurante La Mordida de Fuentes was founded by the renowned Spanish singer Joaquín Sabina and his friend Julio Sánchez.It is a meeting point for lovers of jalapeños and beans in Madrid. The restaurant oozes color and the space is referred to as a temple dedicated to the country to which Joaquín Sabina has written so many of his hit songs. Discover new specialties, such as caldo tlalpeño and totopos, as well as the classics like fajitas, stuffed jalapeños, refried beans and wheat tortillas. In the 15 Euro menu you will enjoy:
Degustation dishes

– Tlalpeño broth

– Chicken fajitas

– Jalapeño relleno

– Refried beans

– Totopos (fried and triangular tortilla pieces

– Wheat tortillas

Coronita (1 per person)

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Restaurante Mezcal


Restaurante Mezcla is located in the neighborhood of Pacifico, south of the Retiro Park and 10 minutes walk from Atocha.  The restaurant has modern and spacious décor with benches.  Check out the bar area which has a lot of presence. You can sit on the high stools and enjoy cocktails prepared by the bartender, who happens to be the student of the three-time cocktail world champion. The 15 euro menu consists of:

Starters (To choose)

– Nachos with four sauces

– Mezcal salad

Frijolitos toasts

Main course (To choose)

– Cochinita tacos

– Quesadilla

– Northern Burrito

Dessert (To choose)

– Homemade milk candy crepes

– Mezcal Cup

– Apple pie

Drinks not included

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