How Museo del Prado celebrates WorldPride Madrid 2017

Museo del Prado celebrates WorldPride Madrid 2017 with a series of artworks.The artworks involved range from paintings to sculptures.Titled,¨La mirada del otro: escenarios para la diferencia¨ or ¨The gaze of the other:Scenes for the difference¨ this exbition seeks to raise awareness and demonstrate love between people of different sexual orientation through time,history and art.

Visitors to the museum can expect to find representation or art in the category of ¨Amor no Heterosexual¨or Non-Heterosexual Love.This is the biggest exposition dedicated to the LGBTI community to date.The exposition is organised into 4 themesd sections or itineraries.In the first one,named ¨Amores Inmortales¨ or ¨Immortal Loves¨ you can expect to see Antinoo, lover of the Emperor Hadrian, as well as, the canvas The siesta of Lawrence Alma-Tadema.Thereafter, ¨Perseguir los deseas¨or ¨Pursue Desires¨ where Italian painter of the Early Renaissance Sandro Botticelli´s Nastagio degli Onesti and David with the head of Goliath.



The third itinerary is called ¨Apariencias engañosas¨or ¨deceitful appearances¨. In this collection we highlight paitings from Maddalena Ventura of José Ribera  and Achille découvert par Ulysse parmi les filles de Lycomède by Rubens and van Dyck. Amar como los Dioses or Love like the Gods concludes  the itinerary and continues to feature the German painter Rubens.In this section you will find the paintings El rapto de Ganímedes, Diana y Calisto and La muerte de Jacinto. You can also expect to find the El Cid of  Bonheur as well as the pejoratively named ¨El maricón de la tía Gila¨ of Goya.

Apparently Museo del Prado has received critisism or dissaproval for exhibiting artists or artworks with LGBTI themes.Some of the artists who represent  this theme in their artworks  and are found in Museo del Prado are are  Greco, José de Ribera and Jusepe Leonardo.

Free Guided Visits of the Exposition:

World Pride Madrid 2017_Siesta_Magazine

The museum will organise free guided visits of this exposition every Wednesday from 11am till 5pm.This free visit s available to all those who have a museum ticket or have previously bought an entrance ticket. Remember that you can get Museo del Prado tickets that allow you to skip the lines at the from the comfort of your smartphone!

Additional WorldPride Madrid 2017 Activities in Prado Museum

In addition to the exbition,the museum will host conferences and workshops as follows:

Saturday 17th of June: Teacher´s course in the area of sexuality, identity,gender and orientation in art

Sunday 18th  of June: Conference about masculinity and homosexual erotism

Sunday 25th of June: Talk by José Luis Díez, member of the Real Academia de la Historia (RAE)


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