5 Musicals to Enjoy in Madrid for 2019 (1)

5 Musicals to Enjoy in Madrid for 2019

 Madrid is undoubtedly the ideal destination to enjoy a spectacular trip full of activity because it offers a completely irresistible cultural and leisure activity list. Where the city stands out the most is its musicals´ offer in many major theatres of the city. The best actors in the country and the world make several stops in the capital of Spain every year to bring us their shows and delight us with their talent. 

We have prepared a list of the most entertaining 5 musicals to enjoy in Madrid 2019. In this way you can buy tickets (always cheaper in advance) to not miss out of the most engaging live performances Madrid has for you!

Check out Best Musicals to Enjoy in Madrid 2019:

1. Billy Elliot the Musical

Madrid Billy Elliot the Musical

Looking for the best Musicals to enjoy in 2019? Billy Elliot welcomes you. After eleven years of success on stages in London and six on Broadway, the New Teatro Alcalá in Madrid hosts the second season of this musical from Tuesday to Sunday.

This well.-known musical tells the story of Billy Elliot, a young man from England in the 80’s struck by the mining crisis and with dreams of becoming a dancer. For fans of Billy Elliot, or merely those who like moving stories about fighting for one´s dreams at all costs, then this musical is a must!

Where: New Theater Alcalá de Madrid

When: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (20:00), Friday and Saturday (5:00 pm and 9:00 pm) and Sunday (6:00 pm)

2. The Jungle book The Musical

The Jungle book The Musical

Now for a show for the whole family, The Jungle Book is an incredibly energetic, fun musical full of surprises. This Disney classic story follows the adventures of Mowgli, a small child raised by a herd wolves and rescued from the clutches of the evil tiger Shere Khan. The public gets to immerse themselves in a jungle that goes beyond the stage, where they will demonstrate important values for children and in which the whole family can amuse themselves.

Dates: Until April 21st 

Place: Teatro Maravillas, Madrid

3. The Physician The Musical

The Physician The Musical

The musical based on Noah Gordon’s best-seller is created and produced entirely in Spain; ‘El Médico’ has a talented creative team formed, among others, by the composer and musical director Iván Macías, the director José Luis Sixto, the playwright Félix Amador. In addition, the musical counts with the likes of Jorge Blass for the design of the magic effects. An impressive musical that concentrates a lot of local talent in one place and, deserves to be in the guide for Musicals´ Lovers in Madrid for 2019. One of the Best musicals to enjoy in Madrid 2019.

Date: Until May 5th

Place: Teatro Nuevo Apolo


4. Ben – Hur The Musical

Ben – Hur

Come check out this Ben-Hur musical where a new and innovative angle has been added to the classic story. While being loyal to the storyline of the novel, you will be amazed with this new interpretation. The characters will transport theatre-goers from the journey with the Magi of the East following a star that will guide them to the Portal of Bethlehem, then through to the fateful tile that falls on the Roman prefect and whose consequences will drag Ben-Hur to a fabulous adventure. For nostalgic fans and younger fans alike, scenes packed with energy and thrill like the memorable naval battle or the chariot race will keep you on the edge of your seats.

Date: From March 28th to June 2nd

Place: Teatro La Latina

5. My Way: The Musical

My Way The musical

Are you a fan of Sinatra? The relive this genius´s life through his music. If you are passionate about traditional American songs, a lover of jazz and swing therefore you will not miss out on this opportunity. My Way: The musical is the show you are looking for to take you back in time and have you tapping your feet.  

Start Date: April 22nd

Place: Nuevo Teatro Alcalá

Love Musicals? We hope you like our list of top musicals to enjoy in Madrid 2019

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