New Year Party Recommendations in Madrid

Known to be the party capital, Madrid is where the elites come to dance on crazy tunes and hipsters come to celebrate the nightlife. Spanish really know how to party with the perfect mix of craziness and colorful soothing tunes but with the addition of old Christmas lights and new year’s anticipation, they take the party to a whole new level. If you are looking for new year party recommendations in Madrid, you are on the right page.

The new year night in Spanish is called Nochevieja by the locals, this new year night is the perfect mix of upbeat music and gentle tunes, the choice is yours there is always a party going on somewhere that will suit your mood or a drink somewhere with your name is written on the glass.

From exuberant and swanky Gatsby parties to soothing jazz where you can sway with ease, here are some of our top picks for new year party recommendations in Madrid.

Traditional Fiestas

Spaniards love to party, there is no doubt about that but they respect every kind of party. they have loud music that catches to the rhythm of your heart and there is also a party that is more traditional, where all the friends and family members are invited to have a feast.  

Winter holidays consist of two weeks, starting right from the Christmas eve and ending on the Three Kings’ Day on 6th January. Starting with the traditional dinner that mainly consists of seafood or lamb, the feast continues with multiple other food items.

New Year Party Recommendations in Madrid CheapinMadridCOM
New Year Party

This site might be the most neglected party sight when most people spend their new year’s eve in Madrid because this is a family gathering, but you might be lucky if you have a Spanish friend.

Party Animal Favorite

Madrid offers multiple parties and celebration types, but this is exactly why most of the people fly all the way to Madrid for the new year’s eve party. The epic all-night parties are usually carried out in the most crowded parts of the cities.

One of the main attractions when it comes to the all-night parties is Calle de Atocha, 125. It’s famous for its seven floors hardcore party scene, with the best drinks, music, and entertainment. All these things make it one of the best choices for all the nightlife and party lovers.

Dancing - New Year Party Recommendations in Madrid
Source: Nightlife Madrid

Tickets go on sale during early October but if you get a little late, you might also run out of luck. Getting an online ticket on time can help you save money and enjoy some extra perks but you need to plan everything out and see what you are looking for because Madrid is a maze and if you don’t know what you are looking for, you can end up getting lost.

Party Like Royals

Party like a king is common but what if you get a chance to party with the king, Madrid offers it all. Visiting the royal residence is a specular sight but on new Year eve, things become a little too fancy for Madrid party lovers who know how to keep it posh.

Held at Plaza de las Cortes, 7 royal party begins with an exceptional gala including a menu fit for royals. After the gala, a performance by the orchestra is held.

Plaza de las Cortes - New Year Party Recommendations in Madrid
Source: Wikimedia Commons

To further add to the perfect taste of royalty, a huge collection of fine wine is offered where people can enjoy midnight snacks or dance to their favorite tunes or just enjoy everyone else dancing while they sit on an open bar stool swaying. 

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