Best Fall Foliage Viewing Spots in Madrid

Fall foliage is magnificent in Madrid! The pretty sights and landscapes become colourfully brown,orange,reddish and yellow with leaves. It is quite a spectacle and pleasant to walk under these falling leaves. Here follows our favourite fall foliage viewing spots in … Continue reading “Best Fall Foliage Viewing Spots in Madrid”


Discount Perks for under 30s in Madrid

Are you under 30 years of age and live in Madrid? Then it can be cheaper for you live in Madrid. There are great perks for young adults under 30 in Madrid. These include incentives to do business, discount cards and … Continue reading “Discount Perks for under 30s in Madrid”

Top Cheap Cinemas in Madrid

Top Cheap Cinemas in Madrid Going to the movies doesn’t have to be expensive. Madrid hosts some of the most treasured and some underrated big screens that are economically priced (or free!). These cinemas hold daily screenings of original-version films that are not … Continue reading “Top Cheap Cinemas in Madrid”