PenaltiBar launches a new image and menu

Beginnings of PenaltiBar

Penalti Bar started 7 years ago in a small place next to the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium as a project of  3 young university students. These young men were childhood friends and wanted that spirit to live on in the restaurant. It was a way of reinventing themselves little by little but always keeping the spirit of A bar of friends for friends. Now with 2 new restaurants, much bigger and a bigger team, they are getting all their staff to participate in the new change of image and the new Tex-Mex menu. Each week the employees propose and decorate the restaurant with something new. The idea is also to involve the clients and even you by giving them a wall to decorate or paint.

The New Tex-Mex Menu

PenaltiBar has changed the menu (they no longer have hamburgers) and have specialized in Tex-Mex food (Nachos, quesadillas, burritos, tacos …)It is also notable to say that they are now VEGAN FRIENDLY because  they have added a great variety of vegan dishes. PenaltiBar maintains their drinks at very cheap prices, especially beers in buckets for € 3.50.Are you ready to discover the new Tex Mex food at PenaltiBar?

Group menus with Open Bar

The most attractive characteristic of PenaltiBar has always been group menus,as we said,a bar for friends by friends. These menus are mainly dinners but can also be reserved at lunchtime. They have 3 groups of menus: Tex-Mex, Italian and American Dinner .In this sense PenaltiBar is a restaurant for groups in Madrid as well as a reference bar for watching football games in Madrid,hence the name Penalty!As a result they have a menu dedicated to football fans.The menu is called Futbolero Menu and makes Penalti Bar a real Sports Bar in Madrid.

Private parties at PenaltiBar

If you are thinking of celebrating birthdays,farewells or stagnightsPenaltiBar is ideal for a wide choice and low cost. They have just the right offers for patrons from university students to young professionals.Anybody can come to PenaltiBar to start their evening out because they will eat well and have a great choice of bottled beers and ciders to quench their thirsts.

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