Public Swimming Pools in Madrid


Public Swimming Pools in Madrid

No doubt Madrid is packed with dazzling events, pristine green spaces and world-renowned food but, like the refrain of Los Refrescos’ famous anthem reminds the millions of sweating Madrileños and red-faced visitors, ‘Aqui no hay playa‘. There is no beach here in Madrid, of course! There are, however, a number of public swimming pools beckoning bathers across the city. Find entrance fees for 2013 here for adults, children, retirees etc. The pools are open from 11.00h to 21.00h until the 8th of September 2013.

Click here to see a list of public swimming pools in Madrid to help you find the nearest spot to cool off.

How the Public Pools work in Madrid:

Employees perform daily water analyses and there are hygiene regulations to ensure the pools remain clean and healthy for your enjoyment. The pools offer a great place to work on your tan, get some exercise and meet your neighbours.Check out the following swimming pool rules to know what and what not to do at Municipal Swimming Pools in Madrid:

Rules for using swimming pool rules in Madrid

1.- It is prohibited to enter the pool with clothes or non-swimming wear.

2.- Littering in and around the swimming pool is prohibited.Dustbins or trashcans are available for this effect.

3.-  Pets and other animals are not permitted in the entire swimming pool installation,except if the animal is a guide dog for the visually

4.- Ball games or any other activities which will bother other pool users are prohibited in the swimming pool and its

5.-  It is prohibited to use the swimming pool if there are no lifeguards present.It is prohibited to swim at night or without visibility or when the swimming pool and its facilities are closed.

6.-  All the users are required to show their facility identification card to the supervisor in charge of the pool,or lifeguard or receptionist.

7.-  Only entrace and access to the pool through the designated entrances and accesses is allowed.
8.-.      Children below 12 years should be accompanied by their parents or adults.

9  – The use of the installations ahould be with adequate clothing. Shorts pants,cut pants,or bicycle tights,t-shirts and under are not allowed.The use of a swimming cap is obligatory and only bathroom slippers are allowed in the bathrooms,changing rooms and area around the pool.

10.-     Taking a  shower is required before entering the pool and the use of tanning creams inside the water is not allowed. The use of shampoo or bath gel is prohibited in the outdoors showers.

11.-    Consumption of food and drinks is limited to the ares outside the pool.

12.-     The use/consumption of cigarretes, alcoholic drinks, drugs or similar substances as well as using glass containers is prohibited.

13.-     Running around the pool, showering areas and health services zones is prohibited.

14.-  Only areas designated for swimming or recreation shall be accessed and used as indicated.

15.- Hacer saltos de cabeza o de zambullida está prohibido

16.-     Strong language, insults, provocation and obscene bahaviour is prohibited in and around the installations.

17.-     Rough games, screaming or whatever physical activity that threatens the safety of others is not allowed.

18.-  Sharp objects or objects and articles that can cut are not allowed in the installations.

19.- Beach balls and other toys are not allowed in the pool area

The use of fins, inflatable mats, goggles made of glass or any other object that may bother or harm users is prohibited.The use of diving goggles is limited to classes supervised by an instructor.

20.- Users must verify the different depths of the areas of the pool before using the pool to avoid accidents.
21.- Instructions and indications of the lifeguard must be observed.
22.- It is obligatory to swim circling towards the right of the street in use.
23.- Any swimming accessories for the purpose of  learning to swim requested from the lifeguard must be returned in the same condition to their designated areas
24.- Unhygienic behaviour that can defile the water is prohibited including spitting, urinating, blowing the nose or any other form that contaminates the water.
25.-It is prohibited to climb over the pool´s lane dividers.

26.-  Throwing objects into the pool like beach balls, stones, trash etc is prohibited.

27.-  The use of bubble gum is limited to the outside of the borders of the pool.

28.-  The use of the pool is prohibited to people with wounds, patches or bandages of any kind or skin, respiratory or mucous conditions.

29.-Persons with stomach or urinary illnesses are not allowed in the pool neither in their conditions nor during treatment.

30.-Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not allowed in the pool.

31.-  It is not allowed to chat or socialise incessantly with the lifeguards during their periods of vigilance in the facilities.

32.-.  The parents whose children  are participating in swimming lessons must stay around the pool area.

33.- The use of audio instruments should be employed as not to bother the rest of the users.

34.- Every registered user is allowed to bring a maximum of 2 unregistered users to the pool.

35.- Details pertaining to the state of the water including its temperature,its pH as well as analytical results of the last hygienic-sanitary inspection will be displayed in a visible location of the facilities.
36.-It is every user´s responsibility to observe and maintain the good condition of the installations and their services as well as impeding or reporting any behaviour or activity which deteriorates them.The staff of the facilities must be informed in such cases and others where damage or deterioration of the facilities and/or their resources is noted.

37.-It is recommended that all users get a medical examination before practising sports,especially those who have been inactive during a period of time and/or have chronic diseases.
38.- It is prohibited to hang objects from the plants, lamps, umbrellas, banisers,( farolas, barandas, verjas y sombrillas.)
39.- Splash pool: Its use is reserved for users of up to 6 years of age.

40.- Any user who does not comply with the rules of use of the pool will have to leave the pool.

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