Queen Burger Gourmet for Premium Beef Foodies

Queen Burger Gourmet for Premium Beef Foodies

Last month, I went to have lunch with a friend at Queen Burger Gourmet near the Ramon y Cajal hospital. As the name suggests, the speciality of this restaurant is burgers. This fact filled me with curiosity and wonder: Will I be surprised or will this be another gourmet burger proposal with a déjà-mangé sensation? Before I get into the details of what we had for lunch, let me give you a little background:


Queen Burger Gourmet restaurant began preparing premium beef burgers long before the reference gourmet burgers became a trend among foodies. Queen Burger Gourmet have been making one of the best burgers in Madrid since 1989. Each month they bring a different type of meat so that whenever you go out with a different and good experience. You can choose between veal, dry-age ribeye or wagyu needle (“wagyu chuck roast” ) with quality Iberian certificate.Additionally,they also prepare scrumptious chicken appetizers and fish meals. Queen Burger Gourmet is a group with 2 restaurants, one near Ramon y Cajal and the other in Las Tablas near the Telecinco channel headquarters. The restaurant in Las Tablas offers a 30% discount on the menu for dinner meals here.The decor in the restaurant of Calle San Modesto 34 is very pleasant and tasteful. I adore the mix of pastel colours a hint of Scandanavian airy feel and rustic wooden tabled combined with comfy chairs.


Decoración_queen-burger-gourmetNow back to the burgers and the lunch experience.I love the fact that their beef patties are ground in the restaurant. In fact most of their dishes (from appetizers to desserts) are created (not assembled) in the restaurant. So you will always get fresh, tasty and healthy. This means no additives nor preservatives!In April,the beef of the month was the Galician blonde veal or Rubia Gallega and this month is Alistana Sanabresa. Galicia is well-known and highly appreciated region in Spain. It is as an excellent producer of tasty quality red meat. Its intense pink flesh, mellow and powerful flavor is a delight for the palate without being overpowering. The waiters tell us so far, it is a favourite among the featured beef patties of the month. I will tell you another secret to their unmistaken flavours,it’s the bread!Their bread is the best bread I have tasted on a burger in a long time.Other burgers in other restaurants compromise the meat quality with mediocre buns and it’s a big mistake.In Queen Burger Gourmet, they have done the contrary… and it shows from their regular clients, mostly made up of medical professions from the nearby hospital.

Here follows our lunch meal from appetizers to dessert.

For appetizers we have crispy onion rings and for dessert a Marie biscuit chocolate cake!

For the main course we tasted a newly inagurated premium sausage hotdog with fresh homemade bread and cabbage.The main atraction,the bacon burger with cheddar accompanied with french fries didn´t dissapoint.I recommend the meat patte to be medium rare!

After hours ambience at Queen Burger Gourmet

Apart from the normal lunch or dinner services,the restaurant near Ramon y Cajal provides a pub feel.

You will find two bars, a classic wood and funky one.They have a capacity for 250 people in the interior and a terrace with gorgeous views of the 4 Towers Business Center!

In Las Tablas, Queen Burger Gourmet offers the perfect setting for after-work cocktails.The restaurant is modern and cosmopolitan and the barman will guarantee a smooth transition into the evening with special cocktails and a great variety of gin tonics.

Useful Information about Queen Burger Gourmet:

Get the 30% discount in the menu,at the Las Tablas Queen Burger Gourmet click here.

Address: Queen Burger Gourmet ( Ramon y Cajal)  c\ San Modesto 34

Telephone: 913 580 542

Opening Hours: From Monday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.


Address: Queen Burger Gourmet ( Las Tablas) c\Castiello de Jaca 14

Telephone: 911 255 992

Opening Hours:From Monday to Thursday from 12 a.m. to 0 h

Opening Hours:Friday and Saturday 12 a.m. to 1:30 a.m.Closed on Sunday

Email: info@queenburgergourmet.com



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