Rice dishes of El Caldero a must in Barrio de las Letras

Rice_Al_Cadero_CheapInMadrid_El_Caldero_restaurantEl Caldero restaurant is located in Barrio de Las Letras.We recently visited El Cadero for lunch. It´s gastronomy highlights dishes and flavours from Murcia.It is a favourite for locals looking for a quiet and classy restaurant.Some tourists have caught on too,so it´s no longer just a local´s secret eatery for rice dishes in Madrid. Nested in the Barrio de las Letras neighbourhood,it is a few metres from the Puerta del Sol metro and the bustling Plaza de Santa Ana.In addition the iconic Melia Hotel Reina Victoria and Spanish Theatre are a few steps away from this family friendly restaurant.Now back to the restaurant,it is spacious with elegant and tasteful decor.We especially liked the modern paintings on the wall and the cosy illumination…Its a great sensation because from the window table you see the people walking about outside,while still enjoying the interior privacy of the restaurant. El Caldero serves typical Murcian rices and broths since  1973 and the name comes from a stew of the same name.The story behind this is,the stew was a favourite among fishermen of Cabo de Palos and featured some fresh veggies from the regiion to elevate,an otherwise modest dish into a mouthwatering serving.The menu card has an excellent choice of dishes,but we highly recommend the rice portions.

Our Menu Choices at El Caldero

For entrants we chose,a Murcian salad since we were going to eat rice.In this way we tried to start light.It was quite tasty with boiled eggs,freshly peeled tomatoes and black olives.This was accompanied by Pizza Murciana…We really,really recommend this delectable dish.It is made of delicate puff pastry enveloping smoked cod and goat cheese.It is definitely a melange of flavours and textures,an adventure for the palate.Then the star dish arrived,Arroz Al Caldero. The presentation was awesome too and of course their secret broth recipe did wonders to the rice and shrimps. At this stage,we were feeling pretty full and opted for a shared dessert.Our choice was paparajotes. This is a dessert from Murcia,many from the region feel a special pride for and was originally an Arabic delicacy.The recipe for this exotic sweet pastry is basically a lemon leaf wrapped with flour and eggs dipped in hot oil and sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon.Suddenly,we forgot we were full moments before as this dessert really goes down easily and leaves you with an insatiable sensantion. Our lunch was concluded by a special house liquor,a resounding end to an outstanding lunch in the heart of Madrid.

Useful El Caldero Information:

Restaurante El Caldero

Address: Calle Huertas, 15

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elcalderorestaurantes

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elcalderomadrid/

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