Roller Blading Routes

Madrid has a roller blading community,Roller Madriz, similar to the ones in big cities like Paris, and it takes place in some of the more emblematic streets of Madrid. This group is geared primarily to doing skating routes in groups, having fun and learning without monitors, because although there are people willing to teach skating, this is done voluntarily and without any formal arrangements.
The group goes skating in the following routes:

  • Route X: This is a physically and technically demanding route.Participants meet at the wooden bench in front of the Casa de America, near the roundabout of Cibeles to start skating at 20:45.
  • Friday Route aka “Route V” is a little less technically and physically demanding.It is aimed at those who are familiar with the techniques of braking, turning, skating up and down curbs. This session starts around 20:45 in the Retiro Park.
  • Sunday Rookie Route: This session commences from Retiro Park´s Paseo de Coches. It is a meeting point for people who are learning to skate. There are usually some of the more experienced skaters available to help, coach and offer useful tips to the newbies.This gettogether takes place from midday on Sundays.

If you would like more information, then contact the group here. I highly recommend anyone interested in this outdoors and environentally friendly sport to have a look at the website of RollerMadriz which gives a lot of information regarding their activities and even technical information about skating and skating equipment.


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