Sardinian Food in Madrid: Aió Restaurant

First Impressions of Aió Restaurant

Tucked away within the labyrinth of hip and modern restaurants sprouting up in Malasaña is Aió.  It is traditional Sardinian cooking meets bike enthusiast coffee shop with inexpensive prices.  Translated to “¡Vamos!” in Spanish or “Let’s go!” in English, Aió proves to be exactly that, a place you definitely want to go to.  Welcome Aió!

Aió transports you to a relaxed atmosphere where you can read a book, have a conversation with a friend or maybe even chat with Co-owner Andrea about the daily grind in Madrid.  The spacious restaurant is furnished with recycled furniture bought either at thrift shops or at Madrid’s Sunday flea market, ‘El Rastro’.  It has what Andrea calls a typical Sardinian “Casa de Comida” appeal.  You eat well and you enjoy where you have that meal.

The interior decor is unshowy in comparison to all the character the food delivers.  Once you are inside Aió you will notice a display of folded over pizzas.  These are of traditional Sardinian style.  Although you cannot see the inner contents, you will be impressed at the magnitude of flavor it provides from just a few ingredients.  However, pizza is not all that Aió offers.  There are sausages and cheese dishes, pastas, lasagnas, salads and desserts not only made in traditional Sardinian style but also crafted with ingredients imported from Sardinia itself.  For example, the pasta noodles, sausages and cheeses are made in Sardinia.  Everything is made from fresh ingredients, never frozen.  Even the cooks themselves are Sardinian.

Other Aió Italian Products

Thirsty customers can also enjoy Ichnusa beer, Sardinian wines and Costadoro coffee, the region’s commonly enjoyed beverages.  You can also have an Italian Aperol Spritz if you are feeling more like a cocktail.

As if Aió needed to provide anything more, they have taken their passion for bike riding to a new level: they provide free bike parking in the restaurant.  Soon they will begin to rent out their in house tandem bike to customers.

And now Aió is hosting Aperaiò at 19:30 every Thursday. Aió ‘s weekly weekly event where you can try traditional Sardinian food starting at €4 or a Aperol Spritz cocktail for only €4.50.  Also featured are drinks and gourmet Sardinian food specials prepared by Sardinia chef Gianfranco Desortes.

Aió Details – Where & Where:

Location:  Calle Corredera Baja de San Pablo, 25

Metro:  Callao (L3)

Hours:  Monday-Friday 13:00-1AM, Saturday and Sunday 13:00-2:30 AM

Price Range:  €3-€12

Phone: 91 009 64 69

Available:  Vegetarian Friendly, Wifi, Bike parking, ‘Menu del Dia’ offered 7 days a week

Events: Aperaiò, Thursdays at 19:30


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