Sightseeing by bike in Madrid

Why sightsee by bike in Madrid

  • Fashionable & Hip: More and more cities around Europe are following the example of Amsterdam as a bike-friendly city. In fact, the trend  of renting bikes in Madrid is getting popular as more and more millennials & hipsters adopt bikes as a hip way of sightseeing  or basic commute. The popularity of bikes in Madrid has also influenced the opening of fashion, boutiques and repair shops dedicated to casual and professional cyclicsts.  Whether, occasional or daily commuters, users of bikes are increasing in Madrid!
  • Green & fit: In an effort to reduce pollution, the town hall is continually limiting access of cars into the city centre. Other measure include the conversion of regular roads into pedestrian only streets and creating bike lanes. This is wonderful news for bike users on many levels, not to mention the benefits of exercise exercise. Bike rental services like Donkey Bike offer health and environmentally conscious people an effort to do both.More over,the service can be operated from an app!
  • Quick & Efficient: Let’s be honest, bikes are quicker and more efficient compared to other forms of transport in Madrid. Metro/Cercanias might have a strike or maintenance services, cars and buses…well obviously the traffic.
  • Cheaper: The cheapest multiple trip metro ticket is 12 Euros and taxi services will definitely cost you more than this to move around the city centre (including the other car app services).
  • Authentic contact with the city: Being on a bike, is like being on foot but with the efficiency of going quicker (and when the surface is flat) using less effort.
  • Health Benefits: Studies at Stanford University School of Medicine show that for 20-30 minutes every other improved the sleep of sedentary insomnia sufferers.
  • Madrid is a Bike-friendly city: There are multiple hubs and collection points, conveniently located close to main attractions in Madrid. This means that you can basically do your own tour at your own pace.There are also secure bicycle parking racks around Madrid.
  • Great idea for a gift/ friend hang out: This can be a fun, romantic and original idea to do more than just sightseeing. Imagine starting the route at Opera, riding until the Royal Palace and if the weather permits buying ice-cream and then proceeding until Templo de Debod for a spectacular sunset viewing!

Our favourite Madrid attractions tours by bike

The most popular tourist attractions by bike are the must visit sights and monuments in the city centre like Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol, Almudena Cathedral, Royal Palace, Opera House, Segovia Arqueduct to name a few. For foodies, bikes are also convenient for visiting the ever popular food markets like the Mercado San Miguel, Mercado San Anton, the must visit squid sandwich restaurants in Plaza Mayor or even riding past favourite historical restaurants like Botín !

For nature lovers, and as an additional benefit of renting a bike, you can visit parks or areas of Madrid not accessible by city tour buses or other means of public transport. Visit and explore The Retiro Park, Casa del Campo and a have a picnic along the Manzanares river.

Art lovers can also enjoy museum visits by bike.There are rental services that provide bikes for rent around the Reina Sofia Museum. Apart from the essential museum visit, we highly recommend taking pictures or just admire the vertical vegetation mural at the Caixa forum,the grand Palacio de Commuicaciones ,National Spanish Museum and  Prado Museum.

Rules and norms for using your bike in Madrid

Observe the following cycling norms to enjoy your experience on bikes in Madrid.

  • Make sure you’re riding your rental bike on the right-hand side of roadway. Keep away from riding against the traffic flow.
  • It is mandatory that you park your bike in designated bike racks and leave a clear space of 3m in width for pedestrians.
  • Don’t park more than two bikes on each side of a bike rack. Never attach your rental bike to trees, traffic lights, benches, wastepaper baskets, etc.
  • Keep your cycling speed limit at 30 km/h.

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