Cocido Madrileño Route: Stews for the Winter

In these cold days always is rewarding eat a good “plato de cuchara” to enter in heat accompanied by good wine. One of the most traditional and cheap food is the “cocido madrileño”, which is a typical soup made with chickpeas, shank meat, chicken, sausage, fresh bacon, ham bone, spine, knee, cane and to lighten vegetables (cabbage, leeks and carrots) without forgotten some potatoes and noodles.

This tasty and cooked entree is a favorite for the native of Madrid and once ready to serve up, keep in mind that this is served by parts or “vuelcos”. First take the noodles soup, then potatoes and vegetables. And finally the meats.

Some of the most traditional restaurants where you can taste this delicious dish in Madrid:

– The Centennial chair Lhardy (Carrera de San Jerónimo, 8) . Has historic flavor of the“cocido madrileño”.

–  The Charolés (Calle Floridablanca, 24, San Lorenzo de El Escorial). Is one of the best that can be eaten“cocido madrileño” according to those who know Madrid stew.

– Taberna La Bola (Calle La Bola, 5). Where the fourth generation of the family continues to maintain the tradition of the four hours of cooking in individual earthenware pots over oak charcoal.

– The Cruz de Vallecas (Calle Martin Alvarez, 85). Chosen as the best in the world by the Club of Friends of Stew.

– Casa Carola (Calle Padilla, 54). Only serves “cocido madrileño” in 3 “vuelcos”as mandated by the Madrid tradition.

– Malacatín (Calle Ruda, 5) Here “cocido madrileño”  is served in 3 “vuelcos” and they offer customers a challenge: If someone is capable to eat all “cocido madrileño” served, then “they don’t pay the dish”.

From 12 february to 31 march 2016, 33 restaurants in the Comunidad de Madrid join the 6th Route “Cocido Madrileño” where ‘cocidistas’ can taste the different types of this dish, the oldest national cuisine next to gazpacho.


Further information about this route and the restaurants included therein.

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