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Looking for Spanish Classes in Madrid? La Aventura Española provides fun and dynamic Spanish classes on a budget that will help build your confidence to communicate! LAE Madrid is a Spanish school located in the heart of Madrid that ensures an authentic experience of the city, culture and language. Whether you are a complete beginner or interested in DELE prep, La Aventura Española is a great place to study, with small group classes (maximum 6 people per group!).

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– Intensive, DELE or Sprint Spanish courses – RECEIVE 20€ FNAC GIFT  voucher (for online shopping)

– Semi intensive or Part time Spanish courses – RECEIVE 10€ FNAC GIFT  voucher (for online shopping)

For more information about classes or to request a FREE level test please submit your details below.

4 thoughts on “Spanish Classes

  1. I am writing to inquire about the Spanish classes. I am a student in Madrid and would like to improve my language skills. Please get back to me with more information: price, schedules, location, etc.

    1. Hi Olesia, My name is Karmen and I work at LAE Madrid. We are here to help with organizing your classes. Please send me an email and I can send you more information directly. My email is [email protected]. I look forward to speaking with you! – Karmen

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