The best “Roscón de Reyes” to celebrate Three Kings Day in Madrid

The best “Roscón de Reyes” to celebrate Three Kings Day in Madrid

One of the most important Christmas tradition in Madrid is known as “Roscón de Reyes”. It is a crown-shaped bread with or without candied fruits, filled with cream, chocolate, truffle, angel hair or it can be a classic without any fillings.

The “Roscón de Reyes” is eaten on the 6th of January to celebrate the Epiphany or Kings Day.

The “Roscón” has a figure and a bean inside. As the tradition dictates, the person who gets the small figure will be king for a day. On the contrary who gets the bean will have to pay for the roulade.

On these special dates many bakeries in Madrid offer this delicious sweet roll.

Among the Christmas sweets, the roulade occupies a prominent place. There are many spanish families on the evening of January 5th, especially during the 6th, who consume at least one of these rolls. In fact, the most renowned bakeries usually boast long queues of customers waiting patiently for their turn to buy a sweet bread. Until recently, the roulade was produced and sold only around Epiphany, but nowadays some bakeries sell it even before Christmas. Nothing can compare eating it for breakfast or having an afternoon snack accompanied with a cup of hot chocolate and sharing with family or friends. Discover this mouth-watering roulade in the following patisserries in Madrid:

Nunos Narváez, 63.They offer sweet and savoury desserts. Among their variety of roscones one can find chocolate roulade with lemon filling and crispy rice stuffing, others filled with toffee cream ¨a la fleur de sel“, and others with crispy cookies and cream muslin not forgetting the subtlest of them all, the creamy roulade Japanese green tea roscon with peach. Nunos is popularly known for its original and creative designs. They do imitations of gift items like shoes and bags. Classic unfilled roscons cost 10 euros while those filled with cream, truffle, pumpkin or cream are more expensive.

Pomme Sucre. Barquillo, 49. Madrid. A charming place and a favourite for tea lovers or to have breakfast. Pomme Sucre also elaborates the roscon using brioche dough, orange blossom water concluding with candied fruits in its presentations.Half a kilo of roscon costs 17 euros.

Moulin Chocolat. Alcalá, 77. Madrid. Located just opposite the Retiro Park, this modern patisserie offers elegant roscones from flavored soft dough and butter, lemon zest and orange blossom water. The roscon is sprinkled with just nuts on top.

 Mama Framboise. Fernando VI, 23. Madrid (and four more branches). They have four different varieties: classic, fruit pastes and almond crumble; apricot stuffed with chantilly cane sugar, almond crumble and apricot fruit paste; Mama Framboise, raspberry filling chantilly, raspberries and natural pâte de fruit and raspberry chocolate, cocoa with light black chocolate ganache and candied orange cubes.The complete roulade costs 35 euros while a slice costs 4 euros

Antigua pastelería del Pozo. Pozo, 8. Madrid. The oldest confectionery in Spain (founded in 1830) commitment to traditional production: fruit, nuts or filling, flavored  blossom without water with orange zest and lemon and a splash of rum. The smallest roscon costs 11 euros.

Viena Capellanes. Fuencarral, 122 (and 18 branches more). This important chain have prepared this same recipe by 140 years: brioche dough with rum, orange flower water and orange zest (8.50 euros for three or four). With fillers: Cream, truffle and cream (13.50 euros).

El Horno de Babette. Joaquín Lorenzo, 4. Madrid. El Horno de Babette or Babette´s oven in English, springs from the heart of Babette’s Kitchen, a bread and pastry school. In addition to bread, cakes , brioche, cakes, cookies, brownies and other treats confectioneries are produced here. They prepare roulade, with long fermentations, organic flour, butter, orange blossom water, lemon peel and orange organic sugar, with no flavoring and no conservatives. Their roscones of half a kilo cost 18 euros.

Horno San Onofre. San Onofre, 3. Madrid. (and four more branches). In this classic bakery-pastry (operating since 1931) committed to the traditional formula: typical mass with orange blossom water, orange zest and chopped almond topping, among other ingredients. It offers the possibility of acquiring fillings (cream, truffles, hazelnuts, toasted cream, pumpkin or raspberry).

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