Trashumancia: Thousands of sheep cross Madrid

XXI Fiesta de la Trashumancia

This Sunday, the 2nd of November and since 1984, Madrid has taken part in the seasonal movement of people with their livestock between fixed summer and winter pastures, the Transhumance. Here follows the agenda:

1. At 10 am: departure of the shepherd participants with a representation of indigenous livestock from the Casa de Campo until Bailen street.
2. At 10.30 pm: Entrance through Calle Mayor.
3. At 11 am, passing through the Puerta del Sol and entry into the Alcala street.
4. At 12 pm: arrival at Cibeles through Alcala street and return to the Puerta del Sol.
5. At 12.30 pm, passing through the Puerta del Sol and Calle Mayor to Bailen and Almudena Cathedral. Pastors and their livestock will continue walking through the street Cuesta de la Vega to return to Casa de Campo, planned to occur at 1:30 pm.

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