Tse Yang Dim Sum Club exquisite Chinese Food for Special Occasions

We recently visited Tse Yang Dim Sum Club in La Moraleja. Before,you jump on our throats,because of the venue and inferred costs, lets clarify that they have a variety of offers:from the most economic to the most gourment. Now that we have cleared that up…Lets start with some background. Tse Yang Dim Sum Club,is a member of the Saigon Style Restaurants Group.This group boasts a well-known Chinese chef and inspiration and creative genius behind their dishes. This chef, Tse Yang, is a pioneer and made his mark in the prestigious Villa Magna close to 2 decades ago. At the moment the group has various restaurants in Spain: Madrid, Marbella and Alicante. It´s curious to note that the CLUB part of the name Tse Yang Dim Sum Club, alludes to the diversity, and number of Dim Sums the restaurant and group have perfected.

We recommend the Executive Menu which consists of four courses: two rolls to choose from three varieties, an assortment of four Dimsum, a main to choose from four options and as dessert an assortment of ice creams. You can enjoy this menu from Tuesdays to Fridays at lunchtime and from Tuesdays to Thursdays at dinner. The restaurant is closed on Mondays.

What to Expect at Tse Yang Dim Sum Club

We went on a Saturday, and it was really quiet. The interior is tastefully decorated with a harmony Tse Yang Dim Sum Clubbetween the typical blue colours and wood. The natural lighting is amazing and makes your wonder if you should have sat inside or outside on the terraza . Be sure to specify that if you reserve here. Many families sat at round tables and it was fun to see the expressions on the children´s faces when the maitre prepared and demonstrated how the duck is served!The children´s menu is called Panda, and the portions are large so be aware of that to decide whether the children should share or not!

For special occasions, you definitely have to go for a Deluxe Menu. It is quiet a culinary experience and a delight for every palate.Here you can explore luxurious dim sums flavor combinations.For example Pak Chung Lu Kai Mai which is Dim Sum of  chicken and truffle or Ap Kon Kao which is a Dim Sum filled with foie.In any case any of the items from the luxury collection are mouthwatering! A pleasure for the palate and the eye!

Our Recommendations at Tse Yang Dim Sum Club

If you are really hungry you can complete this Asian culinary experience with noodles.Try the Singaporean noodles with vegetables, curry, Chinese bacon and shrimps.Yummy and filling! Finally, if you still have room for dessert and feel like something unusual then the ¨fried  ice-cream¨ will do the trick!t is definitely a conversation piece and I will leave you to find out how they do it at the actual restaurant. Therefore for me,if I ever feel like an exquisite Chinese food, Hong Kong style with attentive service, helpful maitre and an elegant venue, then Tse Yang Dim Sum will be my first choice!

Information of Interest:

Reservations: Eltenedor

Opening Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays 13:00–16:00, 20:30–24:00

Price Range: From €16 +

Contact details: 916 25 23 70

Address: Calle de la Estafeta, 2 28109 Alcobendas España

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