What to do near Barajas (Within 6 miles)

10 Things to do in and around Barajas Airport

There are things to do and places to visit near the district and airport of Barajas. The Barajas district or locally known s Barajas El Pueblo, is a neighbourhood near the airport of Madrid , now called Adolfo Suárez MadridBarajas Airport. If you happen to be around the area, or have a stopover,you can enjoy these plans within 6 miles (about 10 km) of the airport.


  1. ART & GUIDED VISITS: Visit the permanent and temporary collections of art in the form of sculptures and photo expositions around the airport. Fans of Fernando Botero are in for a treat with his sculpture just outside the airport building. In addition, you can participate in free guided visits: you can choose between technical  or educational visits around the environmental initiatives of the airport. Contact the personnel for more info here: expoambiente@aena.es
  2. LOCAL RESTAURANTS: If you have more time to spare you can take the metro,from any of the terminals to Barajas El Pueblo. This is one metro stop away from both Terminals 1 and 2 as well as Terminal 4. While in Barajas, you can get something to eat at Plaza Mayor of Barajas which celebrated its 4th century in 2016. This square with renaissance architectural influence offers a wide choice of restaurants and taverns. A pretty fountain rests in the middle and is popular with kids and elders on benches around it.
  3. READING: While still in Barajas, you can also visit the municipal library. Apart from reading, the library offers expositions, workshops and storytelling for kids in Spanish. Access is free. NOTE: It is quite far from the metro stop, you will need to get there by bus or car…

    4. PARK & KIDS: At the metro station, Feria de Madrid (Previously called Campo de las Naciones) you can visit the Juan Carlos I Park. The variety of activities you can do at the park are numerous for anyone, especially families. For example you can simply have a picnic,ride the free train with the kids or use the free bicycle service 5. PARK & SIGHTSEEING: On the other side of Juan Carlos Park, you will see the Capricho Park. This peaceful and green oasis was created by Spanish nobility in the 18th century.  If you are coming from the Barajas Airport, it is recommendable to go to Capricho Park from Juan Carlos Park. All you will need to do is cross the park and use the back entrances to walk about 400m to reach Capricho Park. Note that this park is much more stricter so entry with food, animals or wheeled gadgets is prohibited. The park is open on weekends.

6.WATER THEME PARK: In the summer months, a visit to the water theme park, Acquopolis is a must! This park has something for everybody and is a lot of fun. There are a variety of rides,slides and waterfalls to leave you feeling refreshed.The park is open from June till August.Wanda_Metropolitano_What_To_Do_Near_Barajas

7. STADIUM VISIT: Home to the second biggest  football club in Madrid, Wanda Stadium is a must. This recently opened Atletico de Madrid stadium,offers self-guided tours on weekends and guided tours on weekdays.Get your Wanda Stadium entrance tickets here and skip the waiting lines.Castillo_de_La_Alameda_What_To_Do_Near_Barajas

8. CASTLE & FORTRESS: Estimated to have been built in the 12th century,the ruins of Castle and Fortress of Alameda are open to the public. This monument was also once a prision and has since been partially restored.Its location is Calle de Antonio Sancha, 1 28042 Madrid .Plenilunio_What_To_Do_Near_BArajas_Airport

9. SHOPPING: Plenilunio Shopping Centre offers visitors restaurant options, complete retail therapy, a cinema,bowling alleykids play zone and even a gymn. Moreover,there are plenty of parking space in case you come by car. It is basically all you could need under one roof and less than 6km from the airport.

10. MORE SHOPPING: Second shopping option is right next to the metro station Mar de Crystal.The Shopping Mall is called Centro Comercial Gran Vía de Hortaleza and it is conveniently located along the same metro line as the Barajas Airport metro services. It is less impressive than Plenilunio, however it has major retail services like restaurants,fashion stores,baby services and hairdressers. Here are a list of shops you can find at Centro Comercial Gran Vía de Hortaleza.


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