Where to eat for 5 Euros or Less in Madrid

Where to eat for 5 Euros or less in Madrid:

So, whether you are saving your Euros or are down to your last few coins, these cheap and mostly fast food or tapas establishments have options for saving you money.

Fast Food Eats

  1. McDonalds–  This American classic continues with their dollar menu, although in Madrid it is the Euro menu.  You may find a few new desserts being offered on this value menu but you will still find your favorite hamguer for 1€!


  1. Burger King– For those of you who crave that fire grilled burger, Burger King has the Euroking menu offering sandwiches, sides, desserts and beverages.


Speciality Sandwiches

  1. Rodilla– Specializing in a variety of sandwiches, even for you non-crust lovers, is now offering a Euro menu which features croquettes, a tortilla cibatta, brownies, french fries and orange juice.


  1. Cien Mondatios– With one hundred montaditos, or mini sandwiches, to choose from, including over ten side options, your Euro never had so many options! Check your local Cien Montaditos for Euro night which are usually held on Wednesday or Sunday nights.


Spanish Cusine

  1. Lizarran– Here you can find not only tapas but also Basque style pintxos.  Some locations feature Euro pinxtos night and beer for a Euro.  Check with your local Lizarran.


  1. Museo del Jamon–  For one Euro, the Museo de Jamon offers beer, wine and bocadillos amidst a ceiling full of hanging hams that you can gaze at whilst you enjoy your feast!  Be sure to head to the bar as the one Euro deals are only honored there.


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