Where to eat Vietnamese food in Madrid

Source: menupix.com
Source: menupix.com

Where to eat Vietnamese food in Madrid

Madrid has a wide variety of restaurants to choose from and Asian restaurants are increasingly becoming popular. In particular,Vietnamese food is interesting for its exotic flavour and healthy balance of meat and vegetables. In our quest to find Vietnamese food that pleased both the palate and the pocket, we visited two restaurants on extreme ends of Madrid.

Vietnamese Food in Madrid

Comiori is a fusion restaurant that prepares Thai, Malaysian and Vietnamese food. The restaurant has a few tables, and mainly offers take away services. One can choose between the menu options or the various dishes. In the menu options there is comibox (€9.90) and the mini comibox (€7.90). The comibox is made up of an appetizer, 2 courses and a drink. Meanwhile, the mini comibox does not include the second course.  Appetizer choices feature from the most expected Vietnamese rolls to the more exotic fried Wan Tun or Malaysian Satay. The main dish list is naturally made up of rice and noodle alternatives.We recommend the  crispy vietnamese rolls, refreshing mango salad and the spicy Masak Merah.Check out delivery services though La Nevera Roja and Just Eat.

Address: Calle Embajadores 141, 28045 Madrid, España

The second restaurant in review is called Asia Té. This restaurant offers Vietnamese, Japanese, Cantonese and Thai food. They offer various degustation menus like Chinese, duck or japanese menu for a minimum of 2 persons. However, the daily menu special is a delicious and filling option as well. The menu del día features about 34 dish choices in 3 categories, from appetizer (10 options), first course (5 options) and main course (19 options). The daily menu special is offered at weekdays at midday for about €10. This restaurant has about 50 tables and outdoor seating so its definitely a hit in summer!

Address: Calle De Agustin De Foxa 27, 28036 Madrid

Authentic Vietnamese Experience:

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