Where to Enjoy Free Live Jazz


Madrid is alive with the sound of music, literally. It is so easy to find great clubs big or small to enjoy some live performances of all genres, and Jazz is one popular one that is played in many venues. Some have an entrance fee, although relatively ‘cheap’ under 10 euros usually with a drink included. And then there are some that are free, as listed below, which are not hard to find if you’re on the lookout. It’s a good idea to get on the clubs newsletters or simply follow them on Facebook to receive their updates on their upcoming free shows. That’s our trick! Now enjoy attending these venues with their free Jazz nights…

Cafe Barbieri

When: Monday-Sunday @ 9:00pm.
Where: Calle del Ave María, 45 – metro Lavapiés

El Plaza Jazz Club

When: Wednesdays, Thursdays & Sundays @ 9:30pm.
Where: Calle Martin de los Heros, 3 – metro Plaza de España

El Imperfecto

When: Sundays @ 8pm
Where: Plaza Matuate 2 – metro Antón Martín/Sevilla/Sol

Café Populart

When: everyday @ 10pm & 11:15pm *recommended to rsvp after 6pm by calling 914298407.
Where: Calle Huertas, 22 – metro Antón Martín/Sol/Sevilla

Moe Club

When: Wednesdays @ 10:30pm
Where: Av. Alberto Alcocer, 32 – metro Cuzco/Colombia

El Intruso

When: Tuesdays @ 11pm
Where: Augusto Figueroa 3 – metro Chueca/Tribunal

A Love Supreme

When: Fridays & Saturday @ 9pm
Where: Calle Caravaca 17 – metro Lavapiés

For the real jazz enthusiast and collector, check out Jazz y Más, a music store dedicated primarily to, what else? Jazz!