Why You Should Choose Madrid to Visit

Madrid is a classic city that has come into the modern era with a flourish. The city is world class, being one of Europe’s centers of commerce, creativity, and culture and it is loved because of its food and people.

It is also easy to get to, being a plane ride away from any European capital and a connecting flight from anywhere else in the world. And if you have decided to book your family sailing holiday on the lovely Mediterranean, you can come to port in Valencia in the south of Spain, and drive through some of the most beautiful country to get to this amazing city.

Madrid continues to be one of Europe’s top visitor destinations because of its many attributes. Here are a few of the top reasons why the city continues to attract millions each year.

The Culture

Museo del Prado

Madrid is one of Western Europe’s oldest cities with a history dating back thousands of years. The city has captured its storied history in dozens of museums that contain artifacts and tell the stories of the famous people, rulers, and wars that have touched the city and all of Spain. Additionally, there are more art galleries, festivals, and cultural centers here than any other major city in Europe. You can find any type of cultural activity on display here any time of year.

The Non-Stop Energy

El Matadero

Madrid is a city that has built a reputation as always having something wonderful going on. The city has fiestas and conferences being hosted here throughout the year and its activity rivals that of London or Berlin. No matter where you are in Madrid, things are lively. Cruise down Puerta del Sol or the Gran Vía Boulevard to enjoy the activities including shopping for both local and international clothing and furniture. There are coffee houses and bistros serving the best Spanish food and music is everywhere. If sports is your thing, head over to Real Madrid Stadium to enjoy one of the top soccer clubs in the world. The Spanish are very social people, and those who live here love the vibrancy.

The City is Even More Alive After Dark


Spain in general is known as a country that loves its nightlife and the country’s capital Madrid has this on full display. The locals have been known to start their nights with dinner at 10 pm and then head out to a disco or live music club after. As you can guess the parties go well into the morning and it is not unheard of for them to last until dawn. No matter what type of music you love, it is all over the city.

One additional reason so many people visit this international city is because of the food. Madrid is a melting pot of Spanish food cultures. No matter what type of Spanish food you love, you can find it here in the capital and much of it elevated to gourmet status.

Any reason you choose to come to Madrid, you will have the time of your life. And while you are here please try their world famous dance, Flamenco.

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