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Getaway: Florence, Italy

Getaway: Florence, Italy Florence, Italy – The home of the Renaissance and the gem of Tuscany, this ancient hub once served as the world’s business epicenter and cultural beehive as the best and brightest built up an iconic city, creating … Continue reading “Getaway: Florence, Italy”

Daytrip from Madrid to Chinchón

Getaway: Chinchón, Spain

Getaway: Chinchón, Spain Chinchón, Spain – Standing less than 45 km from Madrid, this picturesque little town with a story offers an enjoyable change of scenery and plenty of high quality food and drink to keep you entertained. When you … Continue reading “Getaway: Chinchón, Spain”


Getaway: Cercedilla, Spain

Getaway: Cercedilla, Spain Cercedilla, Spain – Perched high atop the Sierra de Guadarrama mountain range, this small town is made for a hiking day trip. While Madrid has plenty of parks and walking trails, one of it’s many benefits is that … Continue reading “Getaway: Cercedilla, Spain”