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art galleries in Madrid

5 Interesting & Free Art Galleries in Madrid

Madrid is a very culturally rich city. There will be days when you feel like going to the movies, to a concert or enjoying a quiet day in the museum. Art galleries are the best alternative which will allow you … Continue reading “5 Interesting & Free Art Galleries in Madrid”

The Best Highlights of Toledo ( In a Day Visit )

The Best Tourist Attractions of Toledo (Day Visit)

Looking for the top tourist attractions in Toledo? There are so many highlights for visitors to see who visit the city of the Tagus in a day. It is a common believe that Toledo has only narrow streets, steep slopes, the … Continue reading “The Best Tourist Attractions of Toledo (Day Visit)”

MAD about Hollywood

Top 10 Coolest Events in January 2019

Madrid is one of the most visited cities and famous tourist destination for art lovers in the world. In addition, this city is also considered as the third or a fourth metropolitan area of ​​the European Union. Those who pass … Continue reading “Top 10 Coolest Events in January 2019”

Getaway: Cercedilla, Spain

Getaway: Cercedilla, Spain Cercedilla, Spain – Perched high atop the Sierra de Guadarrama mountain range, this small town is made for a hiking day trip. While Madrid has plenty of parks and walking trails, one of it’s many benefits is that … Continue reading “Getaway: Cercedilla, Spain”


Top 10 Day Trips from Madrid

Top 10 Day Trips from Madrid If you have visitors who have already been here to Madrid a few times or will be staying for a week or more, you’ll probably want to start taking them on some day trips. Here … Continue reading “Top 10 Day Trips from Madrid”

Getaway: Chinchón, Spain

Getaway: Chinchón, Spain Chinchón, Spain – Standing less than 45 km from Madrid, this picturesque little town with a story offers an enjoyable change of scenery and plenty of high quality food and drink to keep you entertained. When you … Continue reading “Getaway: Chinchón, Spain”