Frozen Finds: Smooy Authentic Frozen Yogurt

There is no denying the frozen yogurt fad is making its way to Madrid. This past spring, Spanish fro-yo chain Smooy entered the scene and, as we found, it is a much welcomed addition.So far they have three shops scattered around the city with plans to open more soon. We visited the one located at Calle Alcala, 329 (Metro Quintana) that features a nice and air-conditioned area to sit down.Unlike some other yogurt shops that stick to one option, Smooy offers both a natural and special flavor that changes every week. If you do not enjoy the taste of fro-yo and wish to stick to ice cream, they also have chocolate and vanilla soft serve. Their toppings bar features everything from fresh fruit to candy, along with a variety of sweet and fruity syrups. Needless to say, combinations are endless.Aside from cups of yogurt, you can opt for a smoothie made with ingredients you choose yourself, or you can try one of their creations like the “Tropic-Fusion” with yogurt, watermelon and pineapple. They also have freezers which are slushy drinks made with fresh watermelon, lemon, orange or strawberry that you can even add yogurt to. Their newest addition to the menu is a lemon freezer light that carries only twenty calories.If that’s still not enough, they also have pancakes, waffles and brownies that, of course, can be topped with anything they have to offer.

Nutritional info is posted around the shop so you can see just what you are getting with your order. What they do promise is that their yogurt is rich in fiber and calcium, low in fat and gluten-free.

They are open from noon to midnight on weekdays and until 1 in the morning Fridays and Saturdays. Other shops are located Calle Montera, 32 (Metro Sol) and Calle Fuencarral, 106 (Metro Bilbao). Follow the shop on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on special flavors and promotions.

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    1. I really enjoy it! It is a franchise scattered all around Spain. I have tried it in Granada, Santiago de Compostela and now Madrid… Always consistently delicious!

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